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Sugar Mill Feminised Seeds (Gold Collection) - 6
Sugar Mill Feminised Seeds (Gold Collection) - 6

Sugar Mill Feminised Seeds (Gold Collection) - 6

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When growing Sugar Mill you will find your self thinking how is it possible to have such a sweet sugary flavour for a flower. She is a fantastic yielding plant with a solid central cola along with great lateral branching. She is an extremely easy to clone plant. You will want to top her and train her to really get her to grow out sideways. By doing this you are creating a very full plant whose yields will be very nice and solid. You can easily train her to yield even more due to her heritage and structure.

Her smell and taste is a perfect blend of vanilla/citrus with a creamy citrus hash rounded off with a nice and complex subtle mint undertone. Leaving your palate with a nice crisp, yet pungent taste that is long-lasting from her exotic flavor. Expect the extracts to be some of the most fragrant you have tried due to her highly exotic terpene profile.

  • ГенетикаGorilla Glue #4 X Wedding Cake
    РазновидностьIndica / Sativa
    Тип цветенияPhotoperiod
    Содержание ТГК
    Содержание КБД
    Время цветения65 - 70 days
    ВыращиваниеGrows indoors,Grows outdoors
    Вкус / АроматCitrus, Cream, Mint, Vanilla
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