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Eva Seeds Eva Seeds came to light in 2006, during the Spannabis fair and was created with the intention of sharing their exceptional genetics with cannabis growers. Over the years, they have developed a following of millions of growers from all around the world. Eva Seeds are unique in that they handle their own genetics, without resorting to market seeds in bulk. This gives the seed bank absolute confidence in the product that they sell. Each strain in their collection has remained the same throughout the years. This offers a clear warranty to the customer who does not want to gamble with products of dubious reputation. Eva Seeds also took a comprehensive control over seed germination as well as a manually packing their products.
more_vertBlack Dream Feminised Seeds
23.00€More detailed
Black Dream Feminised Seedsclose

A powerful cross between Jamaican Dream and Black Domina yielding compact, resinous buds._x000D_ _x000D_ Large top bud surrounded by robust side branches filled with compact, resinous buds. Vigorous, well proportioned, sturdy growth._x000D_ _x000D_ Very potent and active at the start and more rela..

more_vertExcalibur Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
Excalibur Feminised Seedsclose

Highly productive plant, with a large and very compact central bud. Highly powerful effect; and very pleasant, fresh and lasting taste. 8-9 weeks indoor flowering._x000D_ Addressed to users with a high THC tolerance...

more_vertFurious Candy Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
Furious Candy Feminised Seedsclose

Cross between two of the most resinous plants in the world - a true delight for the connoisseur._x000D_ _x000D_ Large top bud surrounded by robust side branches filled with highly compact buds fully covered with resin. Even the larger leaves are mostly recovered with resin with strong and powerfu..

more_vertGipsy Haze Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
Gipsy Haze Feminised Seedsclose

GENETICS:Jack Herer x Black Domina x Space Bomb_x000D_ _x000D_ SHAPE: Large central bud surrounded by strong lateral branches packed with vey resinous and dense buds . Highly vigorous, provided and robust._x000D_ _x000D_ EFFECT: Highly powerful, energetic and funny. Also used as medical marihuana fo..

more_vertHigh Level Feminised Seeds
18.00€More detailed
High Level Feminised Seedsclose

Addressed to Sativa lovers, though it only takes 8 weeks until flowering. For very demanding users, as for taste and strength. Eva Seeds recommend its use exclusively for highly tolerant to THC users, due to its great power...

more_vertJamaican Dream Feminised Seeds
29.00€More detailed
Jamaican Dream Feminised Seedsclose

The luxury of having a Sativa-effect plant, Indica looking, and with a flowering phase of 42 days, and without giving up great yields. A Jamaican luxury...

more_vertMissing in Barcelona (M.I.B.) Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Missing in Barcelona (M.I.B.) Feminised Seedsclose

Addressed to very demanding users, as for taste and strength. Eva Seeds recommend its use exclusively for highly tolerant to THC users, due to its great power...

more_vertMonster Feminised Seeds
18.00€More detailed
Monster Feminised Seedsclose

Ideal for novel growers for its easy growing. Guaranteed super-production..

more_vertPapa's Candy Feminised Seeds
81.00€More detailed
Papa's Candy Feminised Seedsclose

A true resin factory, a delicacy in flavour and a powerful effect. Specially addressed to demanding connoisseurs..

more_vertPink Plant Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
Pink Plant Feminised Seedsclose

Outdoors, it is an extremely vigorous plant, rather big, with true super-productions. Its pistils turn pink during the flowering phase. It generates little ambient odours, which makes it ideal for crops where smells might be a problem...

more_vertTNT Kush CBD Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
TNT Kush CBD Feminised Seedsclose

An ideal strain, both for therapeutic users who seek a high CBD content and for recreational users who enjoy working “under the influence”, but active at the same time._x000D_ _x000D_ Sturdy plant with abundant branches and compact, resiny buds. Large buds and a few leads._x000D_ _x000D_ Very ..

more_vertTNT Kush Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
TNT Kush Feminised Seedsclose

Addressed to overpowering Indica lovers. Special and distinctive taste. Very relaxing and medicinal effect. Ideal for highly tolerant to THC users...

more_vertVeneno Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
Veneno Feminised Seedsclose

Indica hybrid, very productive and sweet. Relaxing effect. Highly resistant to oidium...