Dready Seeds

Dready Seeds

Bobby Dread, the main seed breeder and technical genius behind the Dready Seeds strains has been studying cannabis genetics for over three decades. His passion and love of cannabis is bred into every seed, each carefully crafted over many years to reach the pinnacle of yield, unique terpenes profiles or flavours, THC content and genetic superiority.

Dready Seeds came into existence when Dready Bob went from preserving to breeding different cannabis strains. Now an internationally recognised name for the strength of our breeds, Dready Seeds remains true to our goal of providing the finest cannabis strains available worldwide. We are now even more focussed towards the medicinal benefits of cannabis and the synergistic effects that some terpenes play with increasing the medicinal efficacy of our strains on certain medicinal issues.

Dready Seeds had taken some time out to perfect a few strains and new projects. We are now back and have changed the seeds available to you slightly. We are moving forward with the times and the flavours but will still be preserving the great strains we use. We have a few more strains in development and will be releasing them very soon. All the strains are feminised still but we will be offering a regular range very soon too.

more_vertBlue Bubbleberry Feminised Seeds
60.00€More detailed
Blue Bubbleberry Feminised Seedsclose

Taking the much loved Silver Bubble from DNA Genetics and crossing it with our own Dready Berry was one of the best things we've done so far. It has a very strong and sweet aroma with an amazingly unique sour lemony blueberry taste. It grows more like a sativa and can grow quite tall so indoors make..

more_vertDready Berry Feminised Seeds
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Dready Berry Feminised Seedsclose

Dready Berry is a mostly Indica F1 hybrid of a Blueberry and a White Widow. With the intense taste of the White Widow and the aroma of the Blueberry, bred for a delicious, fruity taste and fragrance. It has since been further back-crossed into the original Blueberry to create a more stable and punge..

more_vertMango Jack Feminised Seeds
48.00€More detailed
Mango Jack Feminised Seedsclose

The Mango Jack is a mostly Sativa plant with a very strong uplifting high. It is of course, the White Jack from our old range crossed with an unknown Mango Kush. It still produces a very tall and vigorous plant and the buds are a nice size. The aroma is amazing with a very peppery/citrus blend, crea..

more_vertNorthern Cheese Feminised Seeds
48.00€More detailed
Northern Cheese Feminised Seedsclose

Keeping the original UK cheese alive in this cross we have taken our original Dready Cheese and crossed it with an all time favourite and building block to many fine strains, the Northern Lights 5 x Haze from Sensi Seeds. This cross is amazing and one not to be missed by the 'flavour chasers' out th..