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For over 15 years, Delta 9 Labs has been working to locate and curate the most desirable medical cannabis seeds on the planet. From our headquarters in Amsterdam, we work with the world’s top breeders to discover the finest genetics. As registered medical marijuana patients ourselves, we strive to procure the most effective varieties of these healing seeds and keep them safe from extinction.

All of the seeds in our library have been produced under strictly organic guidelines. From accepting only the finest genetics grown in the most natural methods, Delta 9 Labs’ medical cannabis seeds provide the highest quality healing power which our customers have come to expect. That’s why Delta 9 Labs sets the highest standards.

more_vertAfghani Mazar-I-Sharif Regular Seeds - 5
20.00€More detailed
Afghani Mazar-I-Sharif Regular Seeds - 5close

Pure landrace from Mazar -I- Sharif, Afghanistan..

more_vertAiea Regular Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
Aiea Regular Seeds - 5close

This strain is quite the multinational, it brings together the best of the east and the west. It began life as a Hawaiian indica that was sent to Delta 9 Labs by one of their friends. We then crossed it with their strong and bushy Afghan male. This male is great because it really leaves the dominant..

more_vertBrainstorm Haze Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Brainstorm Haze Regular Seeds - 5close

The Brainstorm Haze came to fruition after 8 years of traveling throughout Thailand and collecting seeds from every source possible. The phenotype that was eventually selected was a robust and multi branched specimen that had the old-school Sandalwood fragrance one would expect from a pure land race..

more_vertBrainstorm Haze X G13 Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Brainstorm Haze X G13 Regular Seeds - 5close

The Brainstorm Haze G13 came to fruition during the selection process with the original Brainstorm Haze around the time Delta 9 Labs acquired the male G13 cutting from their colleague Soma. They had an amazingly, full of THC glands Brainstorm Haze phenotype that turned out to be a special mutant wit..

more_vertCannaSutra Regular Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
CannaSutra Regular Seeds - 5close

CannaSutra is the flagship strain of Delta-9 Labs. This F1 hybrid has a good yield, a sweet aroma and a stimulating sativa effect that retains the lucidity of its Reclining Buddha parent. While a stronger indoor performer, this strain can also be grown outdoors in moderate to hot climates. She likes..

more_vertDawg Brains Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Dawg Brains Regular Seeds - 5close

Sativa dominant. Uplifting followed by a strong creeper body effect. Old School, woody sandalwood flavor. This strain is great for pain relief but allows you to still function...

more_vertDouble Kush Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Double Kush Regular Seeds - 5close

The Double Kush is a cross between T.H.Seeds Kushage and Delta 9 Labs pure land race Afghan male. The Kushage was a pheno type that leaned heavily towards its kush side. The hairs were more orange than pink. While the male they used pounds on the weight. This is a heavy strain that will enjoy a SOG ..

more_vertF.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods) Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
F.O.G. (Fruit of the Gods) Regular Seeds - 5close

Why the fruit of the gods, well that was what came to mind the first time Delta 9 Labs tried this wonderful strain. Even though it was a mostly sativa with strong haze elements coming from its mom, the legendary NL5 Haze, it had an incredibly fruity taste. From their first selection they went with t..

more_vertFondue FEMINISED Seeds - 5
40.00€More detailed
Fondue FEMINISED Seeds - 5close

Fondue brings you good yields. It has prominent skunky old cheese taste. Indica 75% - Sativa 25% so the effect is fast, strong head and body...

more_vertKopasetic Kush FEMINISED Seeds - 5
40.00€More detailed
Kopasetic Kush FEMINISED Seeds - 5close

Indica Dominent this strain is coming fast and strong but leaving a clear head. Aroma is pine with woody overtones..

more_vertMagnum Platinum Haze FEMINISED Seeds - 5
40.00€More detailed
Magnum Platinum Haze FEMINISED Seeds - 5close

Sativa dominant this strains is fast and uplifting but clear headed. Aromatic pine with woody overtones. Produces impresive yields..

more_vertMerkabah Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Merkabah Regular Seeds - 5close

The Merkabah is one of the two newest strains from Delta-9 Labs that has been in development for the past 2 years and is well deserving of it's name due to the tremendous risks that the strain went through coming during fruition. It is derived from an original "best of the best" San Fernando Valley(..

more_vertSimpson Kush (Rick Simpson) Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Simpson Kush (Rick Simpson) Regular Seeds - 5close

The Simpson Kush is a cross between the legendary and finest of the OG Kush lines, the SFV(San Fenando Valley) OG Kush cross with Delta 9 Labs Fruit of the Gods. The famous old school woody scent and effect from the NL5 Haze in the F.O.G came almost 100% through into the Simpson Kush, expanding the ..

more_vertSouthern Lights #7 FEMINISED Seeds - 5
40.00€More detailed
Southern Lights #7 FEMINISED Seeds - 5close

This strain has a unique sweet pine-diesely scent. Being Sativa dominant she creates uplifting and motivating effect. Expect decent production..

more_vertSouthern Lights Regular Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Southern Lights Regular Seeds - 5close

This is a strain with an 80/20 sativa indica split. It has an incredibly uplifting effect yet maintains the lovely fruity flavor of its parent the NYCD diesel. Its father is paradise seeds sensi star and certainly packs a wollop. Combined these two make up a lovely strain, not too tall at its maximu..

more_vertStar Gazer Regular Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
Star Gazer Regular Seeds - 5close

This is an interesting strain as it really has become a great amalgamation of three strains, the warlock, the ak-47, and the sensi star. The cross began with a robust male ak-47 being crossed into a fantastic warlock female that was selected from a pack of seeds. Delta 9 Labs were lucky as both the ..

more_vertStrawberry Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5
40.00€More detailed
Strawberry Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5close

Delta-9 Labs introduction into feminized seeds initial cultivar release is the Strawberry Skunk. This variety is very strong_x000D_ headed, very tight buds with copious amounts of Trichomes. The acquired exotic Moroccan cut they crossed first_x000D_ with their landrace Afghani Mazar and then into th..

more_vertSuper Star Regular Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
Super Star Regular Seeds - 5close

Super Star is a double back cross of the legendary Sensi Star utilizing two breeding Sensi Star males. She gets her name from the amount of crystals she produces as well as the enlightening effect which brings you the feeling of being a Super Star. It is clear headed and creatively inspiring. This s..