Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds

Bodhi Seeds are well know as a family-run business who make great effort to maintain their excellent reputation. They do this through demonstrating the quality of their product rather than slick advertising, they don't even have a website, successfully relying on their very satisfied customers to spread the word.

more_vertAngelica Regular Seeds - 11
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HA og, the elusive and heavy yielding og kush gets the 80’s hash plant treatment. this vital combination excels indoors and out for_x000D_ lovers of thick narcotic mindful dreamy hashy lemon cleaner sugar spears. the 88g13/hp adds structure and strength, letting the HA og shine through in terpene ..

more_vertApollo 11 Genius Regular Seeds
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Apollo 11 Genius Regular Seedsclose

Brothers grimm cindy and Apollo family releases have always been a treasure trove for quick finishing indoor sativa dominant plants,_x000D_ some people even say the closest they have ever gotten to the holy grail. It seems like c99 has gotten a lot of attention recently..._x000D_ and dont get us wro..

more_vertBingo Pajama Regular Seeds - 11
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Bingo Pajama Regular Seeds - 11close

Kudra x Appalachia: the rare and beautiful california kush queen kudra has a dusty dirty dance with the appalachia green man. the fusion of kush, green crack, and chemdog make this a very unique and special hybrid that excels indoors and out. asian pear, green apple, grape must, and champagne on a b..

more_vertBlack Lotus Regular Seeds - 11
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86 UW Black x Snow Lotus..

more_vertBlack Raspberry Regular Seeds - 11
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Black Raspberry Regular Seeds - 11close

black raspberry (goji og raspberry f2 x wookie 15) dark berry absinthe lavender og crystal clusters on a totem pole of sensual delight. terps on stun, life is fun, dazzle your friends or make new ones with this heavy duty aromatic lovechild of goji og and wookie. beautiful uplifting super herb…go..

more_vertBlack Triangle Regular Seeds - 11
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Black Triangle Regular Seeds - 11close

This line is a study in extreme possibilities, taking the infamous 90's era Florida OG known as TK or triangle kush and adding the insanely dank, dark, and powerful 88g13/hp. These two heavy weight canna champions, one indica dom, one sativa dom will finally merge into a beast of pure marijuana magi..

more_vertBlue Tara Regular Seeds - 11
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Blue Tara Regular Seeds - 11close

Blue Tara is a hybrid of one of Bodhi Seeds alltime favorites, Bubbashine which is a cross of Bubba kush and Bluemoonshine (rare stretch indica pheno), Bubbashine smells of hot buttered blueberry muffins and kush, grows like a big og covered in crystals, and has an amazing potent warm snuggly euphor..

more_vertBlueberry Hashplant Regular Seeds - 11
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Blueberry Hashplant Regular Seeds - 11close

Blue dream, the queen of California outdoor cannabis gets a heavy duty hashplant makeover. Shorter flowering time and bushy frame make this a beautiful new version from the blue dream family. Blueberry pine hash funk muffins on the nose and palette. Full power, soaring mind and relaxed body. Drippin..

more_vertBuddha's Hand Regular Seeds - 11
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Buddha's Hand Regular Seeds - 11close

This strain is named after the big fragrant yellow Asian lemon that mutates as it grows, looking like a Buddha's hand. It is used in Chinese medicine as a mover of chi (energy). This unique hybrid is a big mover of mind, body, and spirit chi, using inkognytos amazing indica cut of dutch flowers lemo..

more_vertChem Kesey Regular Seeds - 11
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Chem Kesey Regular Seeds - 11close

91 skunk va x 88g13/hp..

more_vertCluster Funk Regular Seeds - 11
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Cluster Funk Regular Seeds - 11close

Cluster Funk Regular Seeds..

more_vertCobra Lips Regular Seeds - 11
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Cobra Lips Regular Seeds - 11close

chem 3 x Appalachia..

more_vertCougar Milk Regular Seeds - 11
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Cougar Milk Regular Seeds - 11close

This is a limited edition remix of Tiger's Milk (Bubba Kush x Appalachia) using the so cal Master Kush clone as the mother instead. This hybrid should be very similar to Tiger's Milk with unique highlights from the so cal Master, expect heavy duty frost, dark roast chocolate kush and chemmy fruit ar..

more_vertDank Sinatra Regular Seeds - 11
77.99€More detailed
Dank Sinatra Regular Seeds - 11close

Deep full spectrum kushy soul crooner, this hybrid is a tribute to Bodhi's grandpa – a super cool old-skool comedian, he loved to smoke swishers, crank the Frank Sinatra, and tell jokes. This hybrid is pure super cool old-skool magic, it’s called Dank Sinatra! Bodhi took the infamous LA Affie m..

more_vertDragon Fruit Regular Seeds - 11
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Dragon Fruit Regular Seeds - 11close

Oldsog super silver haze x Snow lotus..

more_vertDream Beaver Regular Seeds - 11
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Dream Beaver Regular Seeds - 11close

Bodhi Seeds knew this would be a special strain, and they needed a special name, something that would make people go WTF! and crack a big smile. The creator had that dreamweaver song from the 70's stuck in his head and was thinking of native American names, and Dream Beaver was born. Later when he s..

more_vertDream Lotus Regular Seeds - 11
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Dream Lotus Regular Seeds - 11close

dream lotus (blue dream sat x snow lotus)_x000D_ Dream Lotus was a project from a while back to create a blue dream hybrid that keeps all the magic and beauty of the original clone_x000D_ but adds better structure and a quicker finish while maintaining the incredible fragrance and potency. Dream Lot..

more_vertElfinstone Regular Seeds - 11
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Elfinstone Regular Seeds - 11close

Named after a special mountain on the sunshine coast of BC, using breeder Steve's infamous Sweet skunk clone, a national cannabis treasure of Canada, hybridized with the Appalachia super dad. Expect skunk chunky citrus windex wands of pure sativa delight, long joyful good vibe mind ride, needs headr..