Archive Seeds

Archive Seeds

Archive Seeds is a ground-breaking seed bank that was launched in 2006. Since then, this forward thinking seed bank has continued to produce heirloom and verified original cannabis clones and seed lines.

The brainchild of “ThaDocta,” an established breeder and active member of the online cannabis community, Archive Seed’s ultimate goal is to successfully preserve historic lines through the distribution of genetics to a carefully selected closed group of talented growers and breeders.

For over 11 years, this popular seed bank has also worked hard to grow and clone only comparative analysis, in order to provide verification of genetic authenticity. All of the seeds in this collection are perfectly equipped to optimise growth, at all stages of the production process, making them a popular choice for breeders and growers, in all corners of the world.

Best sellers in this range include Archive Seeds Shark Bite Regular, Archive Seeds Amnesia Haze BX1 Regular, Archive Seeds Valley Girl Regular and Archive Seeds Grape Smuggler Regular.

more_vertCasper OG Regular Seeds
103.36€More detailed
Casper OG Regular Seedsclose

Quite possibly one of the more original OG Kush cuttings out there due to it's traceable and documented history. An extremely complex OG Kush that carries all the smells/flavors and overpowering effects of full range of OG's. Archive Seeds Face Off OG's mind crushing effect coupled with the comple..

more_vertClearwater Kush Regular Seeds
134.37€More detailed
Clearwater Kush Regular Seedsclose

The Classic OG Flavor encapsulated by the Bay Area growers, the Floridah OG is that creamy marshmallow dank kushy OG that leaves a wonderful smell and flavor on the palette. A remix of sorts of all things dank about OG Kush, this hybrid is sure to please seasoned users and flavor seeks alike._x000D_..

more_vertCluster Bomb Regular Seeds
97.23€More detailed
Cluster Bomb Regular Seedsclose

Bomb Threat x Face Off OG bx1..

more_vertDesigner OG Regular Seeds
134.37€More detailed
Designer OG Regular Seedsclose

Before all the named OG Kush clones, OG really only went by a few original monikers. One of those monikers was Pure Kush. Harkening back to before the Kush even had OG (meaning original) added to it. The original “Kush” clone, held onto and preserved in the hills above Hollywood. A popular clone..

more_vertDiesel Dough Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Diesel Dough Regular Seeds - 12close

The original Sour Diesel Clone acquired in 2005, when there weren’t any “which cut” did you use stories going around. There was the one and only, and it was unmistakable, just like the Sour D used in this hybrid. A true classic that is undeniably Sour Diesel in it’s finest form. The Dosid..

more_vertDosidos #18 F2 Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Dosidos #18 F2 Regular Seeds - 12close

The heaviest most Kush Dominant of the Dosidos F2 lines. Huge thick sparkling resin glands and a mostly OG Kush nose but with better looks and heavy resin. F2 line shows hermaphroditic tendencies in about 5% of the population due to the OGKB Type 4 parent genetics._x000D_..

more_vertDosidos #22 F2 Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Dosidos #22 F2 Regular Seeds - 12close

The Most OGKB dominant of the Dosidos F2 lines. Purple incensey grapy funk that transfers beautifully to flavour. The water hash from this is sublime. Insane greasy sweet grape perfumed skunk with that OGKB doughy backend. F2 line shows some hermaphroditic tendencies in about 5% of the populati..

more_vertElevated OG Regular Seeds
134.37€More detailed
Elevated OG Regular Seedsclose

A popular OG clone from Southern California, the BTY gained its legendary status through its moniker and acronym “Better Than Yours” aka BTY. The BTY embodies everything that is classic OG Kush. Flavor, Potency, Trichome coverage, are all on point, and hard to beat. When grown correctly, this is..

more_vertFace Off OG BX2 Regular Seeds
103.36€More detailed
Face Off OG BX2 Regular Seedsclose

In the late 90's in Southern California, some particularly excellent batches of OG Kush circulated the underground market as Face/Off OG Kush. A well-connected friend scored a small handful of seeds from that herb. He gifted Archive Seeds a half dozen of them, and this plant, #4, was grown and selec..

more_vertFace On Fire Regular Seeds
134.37€More detailed
Face On Fire Regular Seedsclose

The popular Wifi43 clone found by the Jungle Boyz was used in this hybrid. Expect higher than average yields of dank OG buds with a more rounded top bud shape than your typical long OG spears. Heavy piney/limey dank OG scents protrude from most phenotypes of this hybrid. A few lean toward the Face/O..

more_vertFauxsido Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Fauxsido Regular Seeds - 12close

The “F cut” OG, short for “Faux”, was a nickname given to an OG Kush clone sourced out of Lake Tahoe by ICmag member Dankiest OG. These plants tend to stay greener than a lot of her sister hybrids with the Dosidos. But color isn’t everything, as all the old school heads know. Dank herb ..

more_vertFlavor Country Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Flavor Country Regular Seeds - 12close

Another wonderful tall cross of RudeBoi by Archive seeds and Dosidos. Ready in 70 days._x000D_ _x000D_ RudeBoi came from the original source of Rudeboi/Grohard, and named after him. An awesomely potent mix of all things OG and Kush from the legendary Socal palate of lip-smacking flavors. The Irene..

more_vertFrench Bread Regular Seeds
134.37€More detailed
French Bread Regular Seedsclose

The Perris OG hails from the semi-rural Orange County town of Perris CA. A long time stronghold for SoCal Growers wanting to be close to the action, yet far enough out to be private, Perris CA has always attracted the outlaw type. Making its way to Perris early in the OG history, this clone has been..

more_vertGrape Vine Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Grape Vine Regular Seeds - 12close

The legendary NorCal Grape Ape and Dosidos combined on the vine. Ultra grapy urkle-esque odors mixed with the legendary dank OG cookie funk the Dosidos is ever popular for. The Colors range in the wine red to dark purple in most phenos, with that thick, salted resin coverage that make the Bay Area..

more_vertHazMat OG Regular Seeds
103.36€More detailed
HazMat OG Regular Seedsclose

There will never be an equivalent for the often imitated, but never duplicated, clone mother to the worldwide Chem/Dawg and Diesel phenomenon. Archive Seeds verified original SkunkVA Chem '91 cutting traces its roots directly back to the Overgrow user SkunkVA, the one who brought her out from the s..

more_vertHeavenly OG Regular Seeds
134.37€More detailed
Heavenly OG Regular Seedsclose

The second in Archive Seeds series of Lake Tahoe inspired OG Kush varieties, the Heavenly, is exactly as its name implies. The Tahoe OG and Face Off are a match made at 10,000ft. Crisp, refreshing, dank, classic OG Kush that has a bit more of an uplifting effect instead of couchlock, with inspiring ..

more_vertHoly Roller Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Holy Roller Regular Seeds - 12close

A central California coast classic Sativa world renowned by the old school growers that love a good haze hybrid, pre dutch infusion. The Old school hazes are rank nasty smelling haze. The Big Sur in particular has rank, Chemmy Halitosis funk mixed with a light zippy fizzed haze backend. A solid o..

more_vertIsland Girl Regular Seeds - 12
206.72€More detailed
Island Girl Regular Seeds - 12close

Several Generations of in house hybridization over 10 years led Archive Seeds to the mother of this hybrid. A unique mix of landrace African, Dutch Haze, and Hawaiian Sativa, the mother is some of the most unique cannabis in the Sativa Spectrum. Smelling nothing like your typical dutch SSH or simi..