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Alphakronik Genes

Over the years, a significant amount of research has brought to light the many medicinal benefits associated with marijuana.
Proven to help people treat and manage a wide range of debilitating conditions including Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, MS, Cancer, Arthritis, and Anxiety as well as many others, more people than ever before are now using medicinal marijuana.

Alphakronik Genes Seeds is dedicated to providing high quality medical cannabis seeds that are able to help patients in all corners of the world, to treat a number of life-threatening and disabling diseases.

Best sellers in this range include Bandana Regular, Belka Regular, Bubba Love Regular, and Cheddarwurst Regular.
Above all, Alphakronik Genes Seeds continues to follow strict breeding standards in order to improve standard product lines through trait stabilisation. This has allowed this popular cannabis seed bank to establish a reputation as industry leaders, creating potent marijuana strains that are flavourful and medicinally viable.

more_vertAlpha Dawg Regular Seeds
44.54€More detailed
Alpha Dawg Regular Seedsclose

Alphakronik Genes Alpha Dawg offers growers the chance to grow a cross that exceeds all expectations of what quality medical cannabis should be. By mixing together the infamous Chemdawg “D” cut and their Snowdawg Male, AKG have created flavors and yields previously unheard of in the original â€..

more_vertAmerican Kush Regular Seeds
44.54€More detailed
American Kush Regular Seedsclose

The American Kush cross by Alphakronik Genes brings together two of the world’s best “kush” varieties together for the first time. By combining their famed Sin City Kush which consists of a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush and Snowdawg BX, and their Pre-98 Bubba Kush, AKG have created a hy..

more_vertBandana Regular Seeds
44.54€More detailed
Bandana Regular Seedsclose

Making it’s debut in the Fall of 2011, Bandana is a small batch blend that is being released as a limited edition through select vendors. AKG always has its ears to the ground, and what they heard the customers asking for was this hybrid. Taking the famous 707 Headband clone and crossing it with..

more_vertBelka Regular Seeds
31.24€More detailed
Belka Regular Seedsclose

The second of the three dogs that the Russian’s sent to space, Belka is sure to send you to the moon. Alphakronik Genes’ Belka was created to make the 707 Headband available to the public after many years of being held by private collectors only. Extremely Stretchy and full of diesel funk, 707..

more_vertBubba Love Regular Seeds
48.53€More detailed
Bubba Love Regular Seedsclose

Alphakronik Genes Bubba Love is their first offering of their new Kush line. If you are tired of growing seed that claims to be a “Kush”, yet all the traits a far from what a Kush should be, then Bubba Love is the Kush for you. _x000D_ By crossing their potent and tasty Snowdawg with the world..

more_vertCheddarhead Regular Seeds
53.19€More detailed
Cheddarhead Regular Seedsclose

Cheddarhead is the next step in AKG“Cheddar” lineup, following the success of Cheddarwurst 1&2. Cheddarhead is a mix of super fruity flavors, intense trichome production, with a marked increase in yield over the Exodus Cheese mom. Exodus Cheese is a phenotype of Skunk that was found in the UK..

more_vertCheddarwurst 2 Regular Seeds
44.54€More detailed
Cheddarwurst 2 Regular Seedsclose

Bush-like structure, sweet taste with “skunky” undertones, less lemon-lime and more skittles flavors than the original Cheddarwurst. If Cheddarwurst by AKG was considered the first step in Alphakronik Genes “Cheese” project, Cheddarwust 2 should be called the fine tuning of the line. Wantin..

more_vertCheddarwurst Regular Seeds
32.57€More detailed
Cheddarwurst Regular Seedsclose

Cheddarwurst by AKG could be considered the first step in Alphakronik Genes “Cheese” project. Wanting to bring other flavors to the sweet and creamy taste and aroma of the Exodus Cheese cut, Alphakronik Genes used the father plant that had been used to create their infamous Snowdawg line, a Sp..

more_vertCronuts Regular Seeds
53.19€More detailed
Cronuts Regular Seedsclose

Cronuts is the long-awaited hybrid by Alphakronik Genes that is the first entry in their Le Patisserie Series, featuring the infamous Girl Scout Cookie cutting. They decided that the Sin City Kush male would be the most potent offering to compliment the unique traits that the GSC cut is known for. B..

more_vertEisbaer Regular Seeds
31.24€More detailed
Eisbaer Regular Seedsclose

Alphakronik Genes’ new hybrid “Eisbaer” comes from a cross of two very potent parental lines, The White and AKG’s Snowdawg BX male. Yields of this cross are medium in size, full of “white” buds, dripping in resins. Strong branching makes this cross a very good choice for SOG applicati..

more_vertGobbstopper Regular Seeds
53.19€More detailed
Gobbstopper Regular Seedsclose

Gobbstopper is the second hybrid that Alphakronik Genes has introduced in the Wonka Series. Named such for its long lasting fruity flavor, this hybrid has both yield and extreme trichome coverage. Alphakronik Seeds designed this hybrid to bring a less sweet flavor to the lavenderish and grape tastes..

more_vertHeisenberg Kush Regular Seeds
53.19€More detailed
Heisenberg Kush Regular Seedsclose

Heisenberg Kush is the second offering in AG Seeds "Great Minds" series, named after fames physicist, Werner Heisenberg. Called the "Father of Quantum Mechanics", Alphakronik Seeds felt that this SC Blue Dream hybrid fit perfectly with the ideals of the man who also made important contribution to th..

more_vertLaika Regular Seeds
31.24€More detailed
Laika Regular Seedsclose

Originally created as a pet project, demand has caused to finally offer this one to the masses. By combining two very well known clone only varieties AKG have taken the Lemon-Lime and Vanilla hues from the Spacequeen male and injected it into the Christmas-tree structure and” sickly sweetness/die..

more_vertLas Vegas Purple Kush BX Regular Seeds
48.53€More detailed
Las Vegas Purple Kush BX Regular Seedsclose

The Las Vegas Purple Kush clone is one of the most rare clone only Kush clones available today. Similar to the Pre-98 Bubba Kush in many ways, it differs in that it has a sweeter, less coffee taste with a bit more lavender added, plus a more uniform purple coloring. The yield is medium in size as ..

more_vertNevada Privada Regular Seeds
44.54€More detailed
Nevada Privada Regular Seedsclose

Nevada Privada is a hybrid that is a pet project of Alphakronik Genes breeder, Jay Roller. It is his goal to breed a structurally stronger version of the Snowdawg line using Afghani genetics, and this is the first go-around with the experiment. The Spanish term “Nevada Privada” translates into..

more_vertQueso Fuertes Regular Seeds
48.53€More detailed
Queso Fuertes Regular Seedsclose

The Quesos Fuertes by Alphakronik Genes is a cross that was thought of as a bit of a freak. While the Exodus Cheese doesn’t add much in the way of structure and yield, the flavors it lends to the already potent Sin City Kush are enough to make an already flavorful line even more flavorful with a ..

more_vertQwad Dawg Regular Seeds
39.89€More detailed
Qwad Dawg Regular Seedsclose

Alphakronik Genes’ Qwad Dawg is a new hybrid that was made to stabilize the flavor found within the Snowdawg 2 while adding more vigor to the line. The Snowdawg is long known for heavy yields, intense flavor, and for making superior ice-water extract. By crossing the best progeny of the Snowdawg..

more_vertRawdawg Regular Seeds
53.19€More detailed
Rawdawg Regular Seedsclose

Rawdawg is an amalgamation of a extremely powerful and “diesel” plant mother plant (707 Headband) and an extremely flavorful and disease resistant father (Snowdawg 2). Rawdawg creates large to extra-large yields while continuing to maintain very high potency levels that Alphakronik Genes is kno..