Accelerator Seeds

Accelerator Seeds

A collection of rare and special genetics made by those with a passion for preserving the finest and a commitment to only share thoroughly proven and tested varieties. With a fantastic collection of regular mothers and fathers from near and distant locations we present our Accelerator Line. From Pure Sativas to Heavy Hitting Indicas and some lovely hybrid crosses inbetween.

more_vertBig White Feminised Seeds
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This plant is dedicated to those who want high yields in a short time, without losing the quality of the final product._x000D_ Created by 'crossing a classic white genetic ,(noted for abundant production of resin), with a selected Critical cross to provide large yields and a fast flowering time._x00..

more_vertLake OG Feminised Seeds
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Yields for this phenotype are quite large for a Kush variety which is making it popular among experienced growers all over the world. A robust and vigourous plant with a classic xmas tree like structure. With this strain it is very important to flower for the full 10 weeks as it is in the last week ..

more_vertPlatinum Valley Feminised Seeds
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From the same genetic line as the "Valley Kush1.0 ", however she is very different to her sister, being more vigorous in the vegetative stage she responds well to all types of training (tipping, fimming etc) becoming a robust branched plant._x000D_ In flower it quickly doubles in size showing more o..

more_vertValley Kush 1.0 Feminised Seeds
24.00€More detailed
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Dense Nugs, very few leaves with classic flavour. From 2007 California Regular Seed Stock. A Very Strong Kush.. Powerful High. Distinctive Taste._x000D_ These flowers are very solid and compact with aromas and flavors ranging from musky to lemon with hints of spice with the added bonus of a strong c..