V Elementum Seeds

V Elementum Seeds

V Elementum is a Spanish seed bank dedicated to the creation of new cannabis genetics with different characteristics, to offer a concise, select catalogue offering a wide range of flavours, aromas and effects.

The V Elementum team has worked for years with famous seed banks in the Netherlands and, after a long period of genetic work, is now very happy to introduce its own varieties.

The breeders at V Elementum have won various cannabis awards, including:

  • 1st prize at Spannabis in 2008 and 2015
  • 2nd and 3rd prize Copa del Garraf 2006
  • 2nd prize in 2009 and 3rd prize 2010 Alacannabis

After much experience working at different Dutch seedbanks, the team has collected high quality strains to carry out their crosses to meet the bank's strict criteria: flavour, aroma, potency and yield.

more_vertCandy Fruit Auto Feminised Seeds
6.00€More detailed
Candy Fruit Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Candy Fruit Auto has aromas and flavours of very intense sweet fruit. With an Indica percentage of 90%, it offers a powerful relaxing effect. Flavour and power to help you rest! It has good yields for an auto strain and is ready 7 - 9 weeks after germination...

more_vertCandy Fruit Feminised Seeds
7.00€More detailed
Candy Fruit Feminised Seedsclose

The aroma and taste of Candy Fruit have notes of berries and flowers with a powerful, sweet quality. Its powerful Indica effect offers an insight of its Sativa side. It was bred by crossing a Purple Alaskan strain with a Kush male and then adding in some Brazilian sativa._x000D_ A mostly indica stra..

more_vertCaseus Auto Feminised Seeds
6.00€More detailed
Caseus Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Caseus Auto is V Elementum's Caseus strain with added auto-flowering genetics. It is predominantly indica in composition and has a strong cheese aroma and flavour with some earthy background notes._x000D_ Yields are very good for an auto plant and it's ready after just 8 weeks from germination! It h..

more_vertCaseus Feminised Seeds
7.00€More detailed
Caseus Feminised Seedsclose

Version of Cheese crossed with Kush producing a strongly indica effect. Dense, resinous buds with a potent cheese smell. Flowering indoors in 8 - 9 weeks or harvest in early October outdoors._x000D_ Another high-yielding strain from V Elemental with 650 gr/m2 indoors and up to 1600 gr/plant outdoors..

more_vertK8 Feminised Seeds
7.00€More detailed
K8 Feminised Seedsclose

K8 has an aroma and flavour of intense, fresh Citrus. It is a 50/50 hybrid cannabis strain that was bred from Afghani, Cheese and Kush strains._x000D_ It is a robust plant suitable for a range of environments and which promises large yields of big, resinous buds with a well-balanced high. Flowering ..

more_vertMixed Auto Feminised Seeds
35.00€More detailed
Mixed Auto Feminised Seedsclose

A selection of mostly indica-dominant feminised auto-flowering seeds from V Elementum...

more_vertPapaya Feminised Seeds
7.00€More detailed
Papaya Feminised Seedsclose

This is an indica-dominant strain created from a cross between Papaya and Kush. It is a fast-flowering plant with good yields and a rich aroma and flavour. Cultivation indoors as well as outdoors...

more_vertStar Feminised Seeds
7.00€More detailed
Star Feminised Seedsclose

Star is a sativa-dominant strain with top-secret ancestry. It has a rather spicy taste of nutmeg, produces high yields and produces both cerebral and physical effects._x000D_ Adaptable to a range of growing techniques Star can be placed into flower very quickly as it is such a vigorous stretcher...