Tropical Seeds

Tropical Seeds Our Project called Tropical Seeds Company started with the firm goal of preserving and maintaining the diversity of Cannabis Sativa L in a world where the local genetics are being lost. In our experience, we feel that things done with special care and love always give the best results. Our seeds are produced organically in small batches which are kept in the best conditions. Every lot is labelled and easy to identify trough a code of its own. We are working hard as to give the best experience when acquiring and growing our strains. This is why we are always in a constant search of the best aromas, flavours and effects. Our main strength is starting with pure – landrace genetics with a whole new world of possibilities, away from the commercial offers.
more_vertAfrokush Feminised Seeds
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Tropical Seeds have used two of their best Swazi mothers in combination with PCK. First one, is a faster and more compact plant with an acid lemony intense scent, producing a good quantity of resin. In F1 form, the compact and medium final size continues to be seen and yield and resin production inc..

more_vertBisho Purple Feminised Seeds
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Bisho Purple Feminised Seedsclose

Quick growth with generally wide and serrated leafs. Once in flowering period different phenotypes can be found including green,soft purple and intense purple plants. Following this order, in the first case plants usually have green-acid apple joined to woody-spicy-incense scents. Together with purp..

more_vertCiskei Regular Seeds
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Ciskei Regular Seedsclose

One of our star plants. Very homogeneous with a medium final size that makes it a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoors. A fast flowering one, forming hard buds with a high calyx to leaf ratio. Ripe fruit and citrus-orange scents, also finding an easily noticeable green-acid apple phenotype t..

more_vertDandy Dance CBD Feminised Seeds
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Dandy Dance CBD Feminised Seedsclose

Combining a strong high and an exquisite aroma, Dandy Dace is a very easy to grow plant too. Growing fast and uniform, the growth shows the indica-sativa mix appearance. Flowers are rock-hard, covered in a very dense quantity of a top quality resin. Intense and exotic aromas in flower time : curry, ..

more_vertDurbakistan Feminised Seeds
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Durbakistan Feminised Seedsclose

Durbakistan is a full vigoured strain. Structure is of classic long sativa, with medium internodal distance. Petioles and leafs are strech and thin, specially in flower time._x000D_ _x000D_ Big colas are formed, being a bit airy and full of flowers with long stigmas. Plants giving light purple tones..

more_vertDurban Punch Regular Seeds
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Durban Punch Regular Seedsclose

Durban Punch remembers what a fine and distinguished sativa looks like. Thin leafs and mid sized internodes, strong root system, Durban Punch grows quick and healthy._x000D_ _x000D_ Flowers form like a classic sativa. Stigmas are everywhere once dried. Some will develop a beautiful intense and brig..

more_vertFull Energy Regular Seeds - 10
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Full Energy Regular Seeds - 10close

It has a very pleasant citrucy-orange aroma. The effect is motivating and gives you energy to work all day long, cerebral buzz, excellent sativa based hybrid. Afghani hint is rarely noticed in the effect, being clearly a clean sativa. Need some spacing for indoors & outdoors. A mild and dry climate ..

more_vertHeaven's Gate CBD Feminised Seeds
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Heaven's Gate CBD Feminised Seedsclose

Heaven’s Gate is our higher medicinal value strain for 2016. Perfect high CBD parents combination. Vigour is high and it grows as a sativa structured plant which fits nicely in every indoor and outdoor grow. Yield is remarkably high, spread in some sativa alike big sized buds. Very unusual citric ..

more_vertKing Congo Regular Seeds
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King Congo Regular Seedsclose

Perfect sativa combination, adaptable for all indoors with a general medium size. Good production with full white buds in ball form or forming a big and large spear. Scents when blooming vary from citric/fruity and a bit spicy, also some woody-carrots in the
 background in the Congo side plants. S..

more_vertOld Congo Regular Seeds
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Old Congo Regular Seedsclose

Our very most favourite sativa decided to get in touch with the 3 classic sativas involving OT Haze. Great outdoor choice for warm and mild climates. Open branchy structure. Produces a good quantity of buds spread in the entire plant. Flowers are best quality, scents combining fine wood-leather and ..

more_vertRed Afro Feminised Seeds
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Red Afro Feminised Seedsclose

Tropical Seeds tried to make a Swazi fit into an indica structure- size and short flowering period, with some big and more compact buds. To reach these goals they crossed Swazi with PCK, a fast, strong structured indica with some incredible purple and red colours in flower time. Colas are huge and c..

more_vertSmooth Smoke Feminised Seeds
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Smooth Smoke Feminised Seedsclose

Indica appearance with strong structure and faster growth than Pakistan mother. Once in flowering period you will see hard purple buds extremely covered by a huge quantity of resin._x000D_ _x000D_ Flower aromas makes Smooth Smoke the everyone's favourite: sweet, candy, vanilla, red fruits and hashy ..

more_vertSmooth Smoke Regular Seeds
40.00€More detailed
Smooth Smoke Regular Seedsclose

Now in regular format for all those who have been waiting for this moment to come. Special hybrid coming true thanks to the best side from both purple PCK ’06 cut and Nepalese Highland resinous, powerful and odorous males. Great step to explore into these two lines. Very easily grown, it is suitab..

more_vertZambian Regular Seeds
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Zambian Regular Seedsclose

We continued this line coming from African Seeds old stock, selecting the most compact and vigorous medium sized plants, with tight nodes and branches forming quickly. Very resistant strain from different pests and diseases. In late flowering stage flower aromas are in the range of woody and spicy, ..