The Plant Organic Seeds

The Plant Organic Seeds The Plant is a Spanish seed bank that specialises in producing feminised organic cannabis seeds. The breeders behind The Plant have been collecting cannabis strains from around the world for a period of almost 20 years. These strains have been preserved for posterity as well as being used to create new exciting strains and organic production standards guarantee that results are free from both pesticides and pollutants.
more_vertAmnesia Feminised Seeds
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This fabled Dutch variety has enjoyed great success and is a favourite within the cannabis world. Usually sold in many gene banks, this is the first time it is being sold from 100% organic crops. A vigorous structure that reaches quite a height; its lateral flowers are compact and as big as the cent..

more_vertAmnesia Haze Feminised Seeds
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Amnesia Haze is a high-yielding poly-hybrid cannabis strain that combines Jamaican, Laos, Afghani and Hawaiian genetics. Amnesia Haze is a living legend amongst the sativas, and The Plant has sought to take it to its maximum expression by growing it in a completely organic way, and incorporating it ..

more_vertBanana Split Feminised Seeds
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Fun and creative, the Banana Split deserves to be tasted to discover its particular aroma. It has a shrubby structure with a very horizontal growth and resembles a bonsai. These characteristics make it suitable for cultivation in SCROG. It also has large compact buds._x000D_ _x000D_ The flavour is s..

more_vertBubba Kush Feminised Seeds
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Our Bubba Kush is a gift from a very good long-term friend, which coupled with its productivity is why we feel obliged to make it a regular of our Permanents Collection. In a chubby and compact form, the buds are solid and the colour ranges from forest green to light purple, mainly due to its Kush o..

more_vertCannalope Haze Feminised Seeds
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Cannalope Haze Feminised Seedsclose

The Plant's version of Cannalope Haze is an original clone of the Mexican variety from DNA Genetics, winner of multiple awards, and sent directly from Holland. This sativa is very vigorous and gives compact flowers, which are rather bulky and loaded with resin, making it ideal for extractions. Its f..

more_vertCheese Feminised Seeds
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Cheese Feminised Seedsclose

Sent years ago by a great friend from the Basque Country, we could not resist its most penetrating aroma. With a very wide structure and stretched leaves, after eight weeks you will be surprised how it “occupies/squats” all the space you offer it, although it does not allow any mistakes with the..

more_vertCritical Mass Feminised Seeds
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Critical Mass Feminised Seedsclose

The Plant obtained this clone more than ten years ago and kept it in its reserve aware that it was an exceptional variety. It is now part of our Permanents Collection. Undoubtedly acclaimed by any consumer, it is quite productive and also, offers the advantage of blossoming in shorter periods than o..

more_vertKandy Kush Feminised Seeds
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Kandy Kush Feminised Seedsclose

Obtained in 2010 directly from the original clone, Kandy Kush from DNA Genetics has become a worldwide benchmark and a perfect candidate of our Permanents Collection. Its structure is very long and thick, with large central colas that begin to produce flowers from the fifth week, and do not stop unt..

more_vertKinkanna Feminised Seeds
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Kinkanna Feminised Seedsclose

A perfect combination between East and West, this "orange" variety will be a delight to all those who try it. The plant itself is pine tree shaped and very robust, which results in a phenomenal crop yield. Because of its Californian ancestry it adores the sun and is excellent for outside cultivation..

more_vertNicole Feminised Seeds
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Nicole Feminised Seedsclose

Nicole is an indica-dominant cannabis strain. The structure of the plant is not too high but it appears loaded with buds with very dense flowers and a large quantity of resin. It is worth noting the size of its seed, as it is probably one of the largest in the market._x000D_ _x000D_ The flavour is t..

more_vertNicole Kush Feminised Seeds
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Nicole Kush Feminised Seedsclose

The fourth variety of our Originals Collection is a daughter of Nicole and of our collaboration with Marimberos. To obtain Nicole Kush for The Plant we have crossed a specimen of OG Kush, one of the favourites of our gene bank. Its structure is very robust and elongated; this indica is essential in ..

more_vertNorthern Lights #5 Haze Feminised Seeds
42.00€More detailed
Northern Lights #5 Haze Feminised Seedsclose

Undoubtedly one of the top ten strains of the cannabis world, NL # 5 Haze (Sensi Seeds) is one of the sativa queens. The Plant has developed it in fully organic crops and feminized it to add to its Organics Collection. In proportion to its considerable height and size, its flowering cycle is relativ..

more_vertOG Kush Feminised Seeds
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OG Kush Feminised Seedsclose

The Plant has selected this legendary and delicious strain from the West Coast, for its organic cultivation. The result has been resounding, and its stability has helped us to decide choosing its male plant for our genetic crosses (e.g. The Plant's Nicole Kush)._x000D_ As it could not be otherwise, ..

more_vertSour Diesel Feminised Seeds
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Sour Diesel Feminised Seedsclose

Original Diesel x DNL. Our strain has a structure and growth typical of a sativa but with the performance and effects of an indica. Its structure is quite wide (it is advisable to use stakes) and is loaded with resinous, dense flowers . When inhaling the smoke you will feel an explosion of flavour i..

more_vertSouth Plant Feminised Seeds
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South Plant Feminised Seedsclose

South Plant is a South African x South Indian hybrid cannabis strain. It was specially selected because of its high yield and deep aroma. It possesses a large central cola and a lot of resin throughout the whole plant. Due to the considerable volume of the flowers humidity control is necessary in or..

more_vertWhite Widow Feminised Seeds
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White Widow Feminised Seedsclose

This clone was obtained years ago in the Basque Country and it was selected for its high stability and power. White Widow is an ideal plant for outdoor growing as it is highly pests resistant._x000D_ It should be noted that its effects are relaxing but very powerful, and are prolonged for a long per..