The Bulldog Seedbank

The Bulldog Seedbank

The Bulldog Seeds is the seedbank established by the owners of The Bulldog coffeeshop, a legendary venue that was the first coffeeshop to open in the Netherlands in 1975. Today, they have 5 coffeeshop locations, a merchandise line, an energy drink, smoke accessories, and many other products to their name. The Bulldog Seeds line is a selection of numerous top-quality strains, all feminized and all great producers.

The Bulldog has developed these strains after 5 years of research and development, working with the best breeders in the industry. This Amsterdam-based seedbank guarantees top-quality seeds for a reasonable price, every time. The outstanding results of their seeds will have you thinking you are smoking cannabis from a real Amsterdam coffeeshop!

more_vertBubblegum Kush Feminised Seeds - 5
28.00€More detailed
Bubblegum Kush Feminised Seeds - 5close

Bubblegum Kush is an Indica dominant strain with a pair of popular potent parent strains, Bubblegum and Kush! The highly desired flavors and essences of both of these strains come together in this unbelievably rich hybrid. The Bulldog’s Bubblegum Kush regularly produces hefty yields in a relativel..

more_vertBullshark Feminised Seeds - 5
29.00€More detailed
Bullshark Feminised Seeds - 5close

If you enjoyed the strength and pure quality of the Great White Shark and/or the original old school Skunk #5 then you will definitely enjoy Bullshark. By bringing together the best of both worlds of these two reputable strains, Bullshark has a smooth and flavourful smoke that contains essences from..

more_vertCitral Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5
22.00€More detailed
Citral Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5close

From The Bulldog Seeds, Citral Skunk is a 50/50 hybrid strain with a mellow but distinguished herbal taste. Citral Skunk  bulks up a nice yield that is particularly dense and is appropriate for indoor and outdoor cultivation. If you are a fan of large dense buds with skunky accents and powerful ef..

more_vertEnergy Haze Feminised Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
Energy Haze Feminised Seeds - 5close

Energy Haze is a fantastic hybrid cross between a Northern Lights female and a Kali Mist male, two extremely powerful and intricate strains. By extrapolating and combining the energetically strong buzz from both of these parent strains, Energy Haze is a great stimulant and is also a large yielder of..

more_vertFast Ryder 1 Feminised Seeds
40.00€More detailed
Fast Ryder 1 Feminised Seedsclose

Fast Ryder I is a cross of the Cannabis Ruderalis species, originating in central Russia, with a potent Indica from the Bulldog breeders, combining a higher THC content with the hardiness and reduced height of the Ruderalis plant. It is a fast autoflowering strain ready in 7-8 Weeks Indoors, and wi..

more_vertFast Ryder 2 Auto Feminised Seeds
40.00€More detailed
Fast Ryder 2 Auto Feminised Seedsclose

This is one of our favourite Autoflowering strains! Incredible sweet taste and fruity mango like aroma. It is a cross of the Bulldog Fast Rider 1 with Afghan strain. Fast flowering and a good yield. It produces over-sized calyxes, beautiful top and dense buds. Recommended for beginners and professi..

more_vertHaze Auto Feminised Seeds
35.00€More detailed
Haze Auto Feminised Seedsclose

The AutoFlower Haze is the combination of the cannabis ruderalis species, originating in central Russia, with the famous Haze Sativa plant. The Haze variety is found in many crosses that are available today and is a favourite for many Sativa Connoisseurs. It takes a total of 9-10 weeks of flowering ..

more_vertJack Herer Feminised Seeds-5
25.00€More detailed
Jack Herer Feminised Seeds-5close

Honestly, Jack Herer needs no explanation. If you speak with any cannabis enthusiast who knows what’s what about genetics they will tell you that this strain has an extremely high reputation. The greatly loved and recently passed man himself, Jack Herer, worked hard for years to produce this strai..

more_vertNorthern Light Feminised Seeds - 5
19.00€More detailed
Northern Light Feminised Seeds - 5close

Cannabis consumers agree that Northern Lights is always a great choice and never fails to satisfy. By surpassing expectations time and time again Northern Lights is said to be one of the best smokes in the world. This variety from The Bulldog Seeds is a hybrid combination of the profound Skunk #1 an..

more_vertO.Z. Kush Feminised Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
O.Z. Kush Feminised Seeds - 5close

O.Z. Kush is a personal favorite of many avid consumers because of its potency, pungent aroma and cerebral stimulation. Though it has a slightly longer lifespan than other strains from Bulldog, the extra time these plants take to finish allows them to produce extremely attractive flowers with seduct..

more_vertOriginal Afghan Regular Seeds
16.00€More detailed
Original Afghan Regular Seedsclose

This is one of the most potent varieties, well known to cannabis lovers worldwide. Afghanistan is well known for its high quality hashish, but it is also the homeland to some of the world’s more potent types of cannabis. This plant is never a disappointment. The Afghani is 100% Indica with wide le..

more_vertSilver Star Haze Feminised Seeds - 5
32.00€More detailed
Silver Star Haze Feminised Seeds - 5close

The Bulldog's Silver Star Haze offers the complete Sativa package that one would expect from any popular Haze strain. In short, Silver Star Haze has a very strongly sensational smell and flavor that is sure to leave you wanting more. These plants grow very evenly and homogenous with a compact body a..

more_vertSour Diesel Feminised Seeds-5
28.00€More detailed
Sour Diesel Feminised Seeds-5close

If you are at all familiar with the unmistakable pungent aroma of the classic NYC Diesel or the infamous potency and aroma of the S.A.G.E. Sour Diesel then you will absolutely love Bulldog’s Sour Diesel. Connoisseurs agree that The Bulldog’s Sour Diesel is an impeccable hybrid because it success..

more_vertThe Bulldog Haze Feminised Seeds - 5
35.00€More detailed
The Bulldog Haze Feminised Seeds - 5close

This cannabis variety is prized by The Bulldog Seeds, hence why it features their name! Super Silver Haze, long known for its strength and Haze flavor, was crossed with the award winning Lemon Skunk producing an absolutely knock-out hybrid that is both pungent and flavourful. This Bulldog variety st..

more_vertThe Bulldog Skunk
18.00€More detailed
The Bulldog Skunkclose

Skunk refers to a subset of sativa-dominant strains. It is popular for its skunk odour and smell. The Bulldog Skunk is available in Regular (Female/Male) seeds and produces a heavy yield, with a total indoor flowering time of 8-9 Weeks, and is ready to harvest Outdoors in Mid-October. The bud's col..

more_vertWhite Widow Feminised Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
White Widow Feminised Seeds - 5close

The Bulldog Seeds takes classic White Widow into the future! This new feminized version sticks with the original Brazilian/South American genetics for that unique flavour and aroma you expect while boosting the power levels to unheard of heights. This is definitely a keeper!_x000D_ _x000D_ With a 60..

more_vertWhite Widow Regular Seeds
25.00€More detailed
White Widow Regular Seedsclose

The Bulldog White Widow Regular has a pedigree of a Brazilian strain crossed with the Afghan and is mostly Indica. It produces a supremely extra large yield, with a total indoor flowering time of 9-10 weeks, and it is ready to harvest outdoors in Mid-October. Its effects are medically sedative with ..