Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds

Sumo Seeds is a europe based cannabis seeds company. We sell high quality cannabis seeds from all over the world. Classic cannabis strains or rare and special marijuana strains are now available for consumers or wholesale customers. 

History of Sumo Seeds
Sumo Seeds has his roots in Holland. After years of research and experience we managed to create a diverse cannabis seeds collection. During our trips all over the world we managed to collect indigenous strains. Our research team is always on the road to find that special cannabis strain everybody is craving for. We are proud of our investment to collect numerous delicate and rare cannabis seeds. We believe that this makes us different than other seedbanks. Our will to bring the customer only the best feminized or auto flowering cannabis seeds makes us a seedbank that continuously checks the quality, genetics, effects and health of our marijuana seeds. 

Diversity is key
We offer a wide diversity of feminized and auto flowering seeds! We have different types of strains for every taste and effect. Regardless if you are looking for an Indica, sativa or auto flowering strain. We offer classic strains like white widow original, amnesia ganja Haze, sumo’s Big Bud. If you are a real connoisseur you might want to check out our special/rare strains like; OG kush (cupwinner Highlife Cup Amsterdam 2015), Goji haze, Thunderstruck or CBD cherry kush. 

Regular, Feminized, Auto flowering cannabis seeds
Sumo seeds sells 99,9% feminized cannabis seeds. In this way there will be no hassle removing male plant from your garden because all seeds are feminized. We believe that all our cannabis seeds are of the highest quality and keep on investing in the best seeds available. We invest a lot of time hand selecting only the best cannabis seeds. We continuously test quality and germination rates of all our strains to ensure you get the best possible cannabis seeds on the market. If you are in the need of regular cannabis seeds we got you covered. We offer classic regular cannabis strains for a competitive price. 

more_vertAfter 8 OG Feminised Seeds - 3
27.00€More detailed
After 8 OG Feminised Seeds - 3close

Derived from crossing our Sumo’s OG Kush with a Purple Urkel. The genetics of our cup winning Sumo’s OG Kush gives the After 8 OG his stable genetics. The genetics of the Purple Urkel gives her a nice coloration of purple notes on the leaves. _x000D_ She got her name “After 8” because of her..

more_vertAK Full - Auto Feminised Seeds - 3
15.00€More detailed
AK Full - Auto Feminised Seeds - 3close

Auto AK Full Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds..

more_vertAmnesia Ganja Haze Auto Feminised Seeds - 3
19.00€More detailed
Amnesia Ganja Haze Auto Feminised Seeds - 3close

Auto Amnesia Ganja Haze Feminised Seeds - Amnesia Ganja Haze x Ruderalis (60% sativa, 30% ruderalis, 10% indica)...

more_vertAmnesia Ganja Haze Feminised Seeds - 3
23.00€More detailed
Amnesia Ganja Haze Feminised Seeds - 3close

Amnesia Ganja Haze Feminised Seeds - 80% sativa, 20% indica..

more_vertAmnesia Ganja Haze Regular Seeds - 3
12.00€More detailed
Amnesia Ganja Haze Regular Seeds - 3close

Amnesia Ganja Haze Regular Seeds - Amnesia Haze X Silver Buddha Haze (80% sativa, 20% indica)...

more_vertAppleberry Feminised Seeds - 3
23.00€More detailed
Appleberry Feminised Seeds - 3close

Appleberry Feminised Seeds..

more_vertAurora Green Auto Feminised Seeds - 3
23.00€More detailed
Aurora Green Auto Feminised Seeds - 3close

Aurora Green Auto is our answer for outdoor growers who live in colder climates like Czech Republic, Poland, Scandinavia and Russia. We worked hard to bring our customers one of the best autoflowering strains we have in our collection. We managed to create an enormous potent indica dominant auto str..

more_vertBerries & Cheese Feminised Seeds - 3
23.00€More detailed
Berries & Cheese Feminised Seeds - 3close

Berries & Cheese Feminised Seeds..

more_vertBlue Nitro Haze Feminised Seeds - 3
27.00€More detailed
Blue Nitro Haze Feminised Seeds - 3close

Blue Nitro Haze Feminised Seeds - 85% sativa, 15% indica..

more_vertCali Gangster Kush Feminised Seeds - 3
31.00€More detailed
Cali Gangster Kush Feminised Seeds - 3close

Cali Gangster Kush Feminised Seeds - Purple Master Kush X LA Confidential; indica 75%, sativa 25%...

more_vertCanadian Sour Feminised Seeds - 3
23.00€More detailed
Canadian Sour Feminised Seeds - 3close

Canadian Sour is an amazing cross between a BC Skunk and our cup winning Amnesia Ganja Haze. A great tasteful strain. BC Skunk has his heritage in Canada and combined with the Amnesia Ganja Haze makes it a strain with genetics from different parts of the world. We named her Canadian Sour because of ..

more_vertCaramel Cookie CBD Feminised Seeds - 3
27.00€More detailed
Caramel Cookie CBD Feminised Seeds - 3close

CBD Caramel Cookie is a cross between our White Caramel Cookie and our popular CBD Kong’s Kush. The outcome is a medicinal cannabis strain with a high value CBD and low level of THC. It’s a very easy to grow strain and very suitable for novice growers who want to experiment using cannabis as an ..

more_vertCherry Kush CBD Feminised Seeds - 3
27.00€More detailed
Cherry Kush CBD Feminised Seeds - 3close

A great tasting CBD strain. The CBD cherry Kush makes up her name with a high level CBD and a sweet cherry like aroma. We received a very potent Sour Tsunami ( Sour Diesel X NYC Diesel) and crossbred it with our Super Hindu Kush, we named this offspring the Tsunami Kush. Still we weren’t satisfied..

more_vertCinderella 99 Feminised Seeds - 3
27.00€More detailed
Cinderella 99 Feminised Seeds - 3close

Cinderella 99 Feminised Seeds - Princess X Cinderella 88, 85% sativa..

more_vertCold Thunder Feminised Seeds - 3
27.00€More detailed
Cold Thunder Feminised Seeds - 3close

Cold Thunder Feminised Seeds - 85% sativa. Early Sativa x Alaskan Thunder..

more_vertCrimson Skunk Feminised Seeds - 3
15.00€More detailed
Crimson Skunk Feminised Seeds - 3close

Skunk is a well-known cannabis strain which became famous in the late eighties/nineties. It then got a bit forgotten but is making its comeback in 2018. Our Crimson Skunk is very uniform with little to no variations between the plants. Making it one of our most stable strains for growing in a SOG. W..

more_vertCritical Chronic Feminised Seeds - 3
29.00€More detailed
Critical Chronic Feminised Seeds - 3close

Critical Chronic Feminised Seeds, 70% indica, 30% sativa. Chronic Master x Critical..

more_vertCritical Chronic Regular Seeds - 3
10.00€More detailed
Critical Chronic Regular Seeds - 3close

Critical Chronic Regular Seeds - Chronic Master X Critical (70% indica, 30% sativa)...