Our company mission and the aim of all our websites is to help preserve cannabis genetics for future generations whilst promoting the need to control and regulate cannabis under a legal framework. We believe cannabis genetics need to be preserved to ensure a diverse gene pool remains when politicians begin to better realise the therapeutic applications of cannabis and the possibility that the best way to minimise harm to individuals is through regulation of cannabis and its derivatives under a legal framework.

A more diverse gene pool makes cannabis less susceptible to diseases and pests and provides a larger scope for research. We, therefore, sell a diverse and increasing range of cannabis seeds for domestic preservation, encouraging customers to store seeds until a time when it is legal to grow them. We also sell products that can be used to help store seeds safer and for longer periods.

We believe that cannabis would be safer under legal regulation as it would be easier to impose age restrictions, to control potency and quality, and take earnings away from criminal gangs. Users/smokers would know more about what they are taking and would have a choice of strains and potency. We believe that the majority of people who use cannabis use it responsibly and need to be protected by the law not targeted by it.

Therefore a percentage of our company’s profit is spent on helping promote the need for legal change within the UK and around the globe. This is done by attending cannabis trade shows and conferences, supporting political lobbying organisations and charities. More importantly we try to encourage visitors of our websites to do the same by keeping them up-to-date with what is happening in regards to cannabis laws and provide a growing amount of articles and information on all aspects of cannabis to help feed their interest and get them more involved in the lobbying process.

more_vertAfghan Kush Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Afghan Kush Feminised Seedsclose

Afghan Kush is a cross between Afghan and LA Kush. It is 70% indica and has a short flowering period making it perfect for cultivation outdoors in a range of climate regions. High resin producer with good levels of THC also make it a great plant from which to make hash or other concentrates._x000D_ ..

more_vertAfrican Buzz Regular Seeds
17.59€More detailed
African Buzz Regular Seedsclose

African genetics are some of the most popular and enjoyed around the world, due to their exotic taste and mesmerising effects. African Buzz is a variation of the Malawi Gold Seedsman used to offer in previous years. It is a wonderful 100% sativa strain originating in Malawi. Our African Buzz was..

more_vertAlaskan Purple Auto Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Alaskan Purple Auto Feminised Seedsclose

This is the auto-flowering version of Alaskan Purple. It is 90% indica and grows into a bigger plant than many automatic strains. It produces very decent yields in a fairly short life cycle of 49 - 63 days although around 8 weeks is a good average...

more_vertAlaskan Purple Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Alaskan Purple Feminised Seedsclose

Sweet-tasting, purple-coloured plant with high THC and good production. An indica-dominant strain bred from Purple Alaskan, Kush and Brazilian sativa plants. A versatile and vigorous-growing plant with lovely colouration._x000D_ Good yields indoors and very big harvests for outdoor growers...

more_vertAmnesia Auto Feminised Seeds
9.42€More detailed
Amnesia Auto Feminised Seedsclose

A potent auto showing powerful sativa dominancy, this is a very cerebral strain with an earthy, pungent, hazey aroma coming from its multiple buds. It’s grows like Amnesia too - Christmas-tree shaped with healthy buds along each branch. Not one for the faint-hearted...

more_vertAmnesia FAST Feminised Seeds
10.05€More detailed
Amnesia FAST Feminised Seedsclose

Amnesia Haze de Soma x secret hybrid._x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ Genetics: 70% sativa, 30% indica_x000D_ THC: 20-23%_x000D_ Harvest: End of September_x000D_ Yield: 550-600g/m2_x000D_ Height: 100-150cm_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_ Typical amnesia aroma but more fruity, with a touch of spring flowers. Very bala..

more_vertAmnesia Regular Seeds
17.59€More detailed
Amnesia Regular Seedsclose

With a soaring psychedelic effect, relatively short flowering time and great yield, Amnesia is a must have regular strain for your collection. This Cannabis Cup winner can be grown anywhere but is particularly successful outdoors where it can reach amazing heights._x000D_ Amnesia delivers a heavy ha..

more_vertAta Tundra Regular Seeds
17.59€More detailed
Ata Tundra Regular Seedsclose

This f1 hybrid is one of the most interesting in our seed range. It is a cross of two pure lines coming from different geographic regions not very well-known in the cannabis world. One parent comes from Alaska, home of the famous Matanuska Thunderfuck. This line is pure indica and shows good res..

more_vertAuto Lemon Feminised Seeds - 1
9.42€More detailed
Auto Lemon Feminised Seeds - 1close

Auto Lemon is a two way inbred cross of a Lemon Skunk mother from Greenhouse Seeds and a Lowryder #2 father from the Joint Doctor. This cross has medium growth with little side branching normally growing one main spear like cola. The taste is acrid and skunky with citrous undertones...

more_vertBadazz Cookies OG Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Badazz Cookies OG Feminised Seedsclose

Badazz Cookies OG is a very resinous variety with compact and hard buds as well as stones. It is an ideal genetic for extractions due to its high resin content, terpenes and large compact flowers full of crystals. This variety is ideal for dry and not very humid climates. This variety is ideal for d..

more_vertBadazz OG Cheese Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Badazz OG Cheese Feminised Seedsclose

Badazz OG Cheese utilises one of the very best of the current crop of OG Kush, viz. Badazz OG Kush (from rapper BadAzz), together with UK Cheese. It is 70% sativa which grows into a tall plant with slender branches and the typically thin leaves of sativa strains. Incredible terpene profile provides ..

more_vertBig Nugs FAST Feminised Seeds
10.05€More detailed
Big Nugs FAST Feminised Seedsclose

This strain is a full yield cross of a BIG favourite Critical Mass (aka Big Bud), an afghani x Skunk hybrid, with our fast parent._x000D_ _x000D_ This strain does exactly what it says it produces big colas really quickly. You WILL need to support the buds towards the end of flowering with this stra..

more_vertBlack Sugar Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Black Sugar Feminised Seedsclose

Black Sugar is an 80% indica strain that develops a round, bushy structure with strong lower branches. It has a short flowering time, a good yield and a typically indica effect. It is a 3-way cross of Black Domina x L.A OG x Critical._x000D_ This plant grows well outdoors as well as indoors due to i..

more_vertBlue Auto Feminised Seeds
9.42€More detailed
Blue Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Auto Blue is a beautiful inbred cross of a Lowryder #2 male from the Joint Doctor with an old Blueberry mother, whcih originated from Sagarmartha Seeds. The resulting plant is a vigorous, potent, auto-flowering strain with excellent side branching. Although some of the blue hues from the mother ..

more_vertBlue Cush Fast Auto Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Blue Cush Fast Auto Feminised Seedsclose

A limited edition hybrid, the high quality flowers and thick resin production of auto cush supercharged with the deep dank aroma of auto blues._x000D_ She is part of the old school behaviour of autos, minimal veg time, she transitions incredibly quickly from seedling into a flowering plant._x000D_ T..

more_vertBlue Ice OG Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Blue Ice OG Feminised Seedsclose

Blue Ice OG is the result of the crossing of two of the most legendary and recognised genetics in the world. It is an explosion of unique flavours that only the crossing of these two genetics can give you. We speak of a very vigorous and robust plant with thick and very strong stems, dense buds and..

more_vertBlueberry Feminised Seeds
8.58€More detailed
Blueberry Feminised Seedsclose

A mostly indica strain, Blueberry is a classic that dates back to the late 1970s and under ideal conditions is a very large producer._x000D_ A dense and stout plant with red, purple and blue hues, Blueberry as a finished product has a very fruity aroma and, as you’d expect, a taste of blueberry. _..

more_vertBruce Banger FAST Feminised Seeds
10.05€More detailed
Bruce Banger FAST Feminised Seedsclose

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