Positronics Seeds

Positronics Seeds

Positronics Seeds were actively involved in the development and origins of the first cannabis hybrids back in the seventies. They succeeded in exporting new strains to Holland, where they finally moved to breed their strains in a more professional way. They were pioneers in developing the sinsemilla technique by using cuttings, which started a true revolution in the cannabis scene in the late seventies.

Positronics consolidated themselves in Amsterdam as pioneers in selective cannabis breeding. Since then and until today, they offer top grade genetics of proven quality.

One of their main goals when breeding plants is creating unique flavours in each strain. They also pay attention to the effect induced and offer genetics suitable for all types of persons, either recreational users or medical marijuana patients.

more_vertAfghan Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
7.00€More detailed
Afghan Express Autoflowering Feminised Seedsclose

Positronic Seeds Afghan Express has origins rooted in the middle east giving this plant big size and strength, amazing for an autoflowering._x000D_ _x000D_ This plant has a typical afghan plant structure: strong and with many long branches, fat leafs of a dark green colour. The buds are of a big siz..

more_vertAmnesia Mistery Feminised Seeds
12.00€More detailed
Amnesia Mistery Feminised Seedsclose

Amnesia Mistery comes from a misterious genetics that give her an enormous size and lots of flowers. _x000D_ _x000D_ It is a step forward in the development of the newest sativa genetics. One of the best selected Amnesia clon from Positronics was crossed with a misterious male coming from the greene..

more_vertBlack Widow CBD Feminised Seeds
12.00€More detailed
Black Widow CBD Feminised Seedsclose

This amazing strain is a result of crossing Positronics best clone with high percentage CBD plants. The cross produces fast, strong and squat plants. Black Widow CBD is ideal for medicinal purposes and as an analgesic. _x000D_ _x000D_ This strain presents a moderate growth with defined structure ind..

more_vertBlack Widow Feminised Seeds
13.00€More detailed
Black Widow Feminised Seedsclose

Positronic Seeds Black Widow genetics are White Widow and Misty and is mostly indica. _x000D_ It has a moderate amount of leaves and maximum quantity of sprouts of extreme hardness, which are valued a lot by the commercial growers. Outdoors it can grow up till 1,5 - 2 meters of height. Indoors it ha..

more_vertBlue Rhino Feminised Seeds
12.00€More detailed
Blue Rhino Feminised Seedsclose

Positonic Seeds Blue Rhino is the result of careful selection with the aim of producing one of the most exquisite and powerful hybrid that breeders want. Blue Rhino is a plant with a special look, with a huge central cola, developing a number of leaves very limited, although large. _x000D_ Blue Rhi..

more_vertCaramel Ice CBD Feminised Seeds
12.00€More detailed
Caramel Ice CBD Feminised Seedsclose

CBD-rich version of Caramel Ice..

more_vertCaramel Ice Feminised Seeds
11.00€More detailed
Caramel Ice Feminised Seedsclose

Positronic Seeds Caramel Ice concentrates the flavour and the aroma of his parents, while presenting greater resistance to mould and a notable early flowering. From the fifth week the typical intense orange colour and calyx are covered with a large number of trichome, forming "towers of gems". An in..

more_vertChizpa by Zatu Feminised Seeds - 6
42.00€More detailed
Chizpa by Zatu Feminised Seeds - 6close

With the best selected strains in America and Europe we provoke this "Chizpa", sponsored by Zatu, ready to grow in neophytes and experienced growers who love the most exquisite flowers. + CD Positronics Vibes Vol. 2. A blend of Sour Diesel, Haze and a third, secret, component._x000D_..

more_vertClaustrum Feminised Seeds
14.00€More detailed
Claustrum Feminised Seedsclose

Claustrum is a cross between the best available Sativa strains: Kali Mist, Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer. _x000D_ Its growth is like a fir-tree and has a perfect distribution of branches, permitting a great air circulation of the sprouts. It produces unlimited number of cuttings and an average ..

more_vertCrazy Lazy Feminised Seeds - 5
30.00€More detailed
Crazy Lazy Feminised Seeds - 5close

After many long searches of the best Indica in the world, a great friend sent us seeds of a spectacular, strong, fast and productive genetics, the well-known Greencrack. We managed to select a peculiar strain for being very sweet in its flavor. After its stabilisation, we mix it with one of our most..

more_vertCritical # 47 Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
Critical # 47 Feminised Seedsclose

Positronic Seeds Critical #47 is a perfect cross between two of the sweetest strains available in the world. Critical #47 genetics come from Critical Mass and AK47 and is mostly indica. She has a strong mango and peach aroma and taste, with a vanille touch. Powerful and typically Indica effect, rel..

more_vertCritical # 47 Feminised Seeds - 1
13.00€More detailed
Critical # 47 Feminised Seeds - 1close

Positronic Seeds Critical #47 is a perfect cross between two of the sweetest strains available in the world. Critical #47 genetics come from Critical Mass and AK47 and is mostly indica. She has a strong mango and peach aroma and taste, with a vanille touch. Powerful and typically Indica effect, rel..

more_vertCritical 47 CBD Feminised Seeds
12.00€More detailed
Critical 47 CBD Feminised Seedsclose

Maintains the productive capacity of our champion . It grows like a sativa but with typical dense indica buds . Recommended the use of tutors to support the weight of the lining of flowers. Excellent for pain relief . Sweet on the palate and very fragrant ._x000D_ _x000D_ Maintains its initial veget..

more_vertCritical Express Autoflowering Feminised Seeds
8.00€More detailed
Critical Express Autoflowering Feminised Seedsclose

This automatic version of the winning Critical Mass has all the characteristics that has made it famous: smell, flavour, big crop._x000D_ _x000D_ It reaches big size with a little internodal distance and develops many side branches that will give more flowers. These flowers are big and thick just li..

more_vertCum Laude Feminised Seeds
11.00€More detailed
Cum Laude Feminised Seedsclose

Cum Laude is a triple hybridisation of pure Sativas. Some elite clones were given to Positronics with the intention to create a stable line of pure Sativa. The strong structure of this plant helps to keep the weight of big flowers. Buds will look like thick and dense wheat stalks, covered with an oi..

more_vertGordo Master Kush (GMK) Feminised Seeds - 6
42.00€More detailed
Gordo Master Kush (GMK) Feminised Seeds - 6close

Gordo Master, one of the best Mc rap, sponsors this delicacy as his own, from the beginning, selecting this powerful variety and starting a legend: the GMK by Gordo Master, a pack of 6 seeds and the CD Positronics Vibes Vol . 2._x000D_ Plant of robust bearing, structure of average size and compact d..

more_vertGrapefruit Feminised Seeds - 5
25.00€More detailed
Grapefruit Feminised Seeds - 5close

Quite a choice when the first thing is the taste. His legend differs according to the sources. Some say it comes from retro crosses of Jack Herer. Others that is the result of the combination of NL x Skunk1 x Afghani. This makes the original clone even more special, peculiar and valuable, preserving..

more_vertJack Diesel CBD Feminised Seeds
12.00€More detailed
Jack Diesel CBD Feminised Seedsclose

Jack Diesel CBD is the CBD-enriched version of Positronic's Jack Diesel marijuana strain...