Pheno Finder Seeds

Pheno Finder Seeds

Pheno Finders Seeds are a team of cultivators and breeders from Holland, Spain and the USA. Their objective is to supply the best cannabis seed varieties and highly desired phenos of new and old strains in seeds. They are cannabis cup champions - 2nd place secret cup canaria - lemon bubble 2nd place copa cannaval - notorious OG 3rd place icmag 420 cup -P.S.B

more_vertChemhead OG Feminised Seeds - 5
Chemhead OG Feminised Seeds - 5close

Chemhead OG is a lovely cross of the Chem 91 and Deadhead OG, grows short and bushy with medium stretch, respectable yields for an OG, hybrid has a very strong diesel smell with a piney-lemon aftertaste from the Chem with a Deadhead stone which hits you hard!..

more_vertFromage Blue Feminised Seeds - 5
Fromage Blue Feminised Seeds - 5close

This is a cross from the clone of a Cheese from the UK (uk bluez) which was crossed with a Blue Cheese male. The results are a super cheesey flower with the looks and taste of the UK Bluez with undertones of fruit and berry. Fromage Blue is easy to grow good producer, also great for scrog...

more_vertGrandaddy Confidential Feminised Seeds - 5
Grandaddy Confidential Feminised Seeds - 5close

This is a lovely cross of LA Confidential and Grandaddy Purple (Ken's) lovely xmas tree structure with solid dense nugs of indica goodness the pheno was selected for its tight internode spaces and solid buds with natural purple hues real couch lock effect...

more_vertGrapefruit Diesel Feminised Seeds - 5
Grapefruit Diesel Feminised Seeds - 5close

To create this amazing cannabis strain, NYC Diesel from Soma Seeds was crossed with a Grapefruit male. Grapefruit Diesel is a strain with very dense buds and an average flowering time of 9 weeks. Discover the classic NYC Diesel flavor and smell which is complimented with grapefruit undertones...

more_vertLA Fire Feminised Seeds - 5
LA Fire Feminised Seeds - 5close

A lovely cross of LA Confidential and Fire OG, classic LA structure with sold, dense frosty nuggets. The flavour is Fire OG dominant with LA undertones, heavy indica couch lock effect...

more_vertLemon Bubble Auto Feminised Seeds - 5
Lemon Bubble Auto Feminised Seeds - 5close

This was a side project started by Pheno Finder head breeder it’s the Lemon Bubble crossed with the Lowryder 2, the results of this was crossed again with the Lowryder to maximise the Autoflower traits, the results are exceptionally good. Plants can progress from germination to harvest in as littl..

more_vertLemon Bubble Feminised Seeds - 5
Lemon Bubble Feminised Seeds - 5close

A cross of a selected pheno of the Super Lemon Haze from Greenhouse Seeds this was crossed with the male Silverbubble. The offspring is a lovely citrus lemon tasting bud with silver/haze undertones the pheno selected for our fem version was selected for its lovely flavour plus resin production...

more_vertLemon Sherbert Feminised Seeds - 5
Lemon Sherbert Feminised Seeds - 5close

Lemon Sherbert is Lemon Bubble crossed with the Sunset Sherbert. This strain produces dense citrus smelling flowers with purple hues. This bushy plant will finish around 9-10 weeks and will grow medium in height...

more_vertNotorious OG Feminised Seeds - 5
Notorious OG Feminised Seeds - 5close

This was a special og kush clone we had for couple years (Christopher Wallace OG) this was crossed with a mystery male seed found in a very kushy testing Tuesday at Voyagers Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. _x000D_ _x000D_ We selected a pheno with a lovely deep og/sour flavor a real dank kush with a heavy s..

more_vertPurple Strawberry Bliss Feminised Seeds - 5
Purple Strawberry Bliss Feminised Seeds - 5close

This wonderful strain was awarded 3rd place in the IC 420 Sativa Cup Amsterdam 2014. Strawberry Bliss S1 is an exclusive pheno chosen from a packet of Cheese Berry seeds. This clone was given to Pheno Finder Seeds from the south of Holland. It does not have a big yield but it is one of the most odif..

more_vertPurple Strawberry Sherbet Feminised Seeds - 5
Purple Strawberry Sherbet Feminised Seeds - 5close

This cross of the award winning purple strawberry bliss with our multi award winning sherbet s1 short bush plants with dense sherbert like buds, covered in trichomes with deep purple hues unique terps, with respectable yields and great bag appeal a true winner...

more_vertSour Walker Feminised Seeds - 5
Sour Walker Feminised Seeds - 5close

This is a unique pheno selected from seeds that were given to us a couple years ago, the legendary Albert Walker (clone only) x Sour Bubble. The pheno was selected due to its unique sweet and sour flavour, long dense flowers and wonderfull sour fruit aroma...

more_vertSunset aka Sunset Sherbet Feminised Seeds - 5
Sunset aka Sunset Sherbet Feminised Seeds - 5close

Sunset Sherbet an indica-leaning hybrid with potent effects. Sunset Sherbet inherits the genetic lineage of its Girl Scout Cookies parent, Crossed with an indica known as Pink Panties. Sunset Sherbet exhibits powerful full-body effects. A complex aroma colors Sunset Sherbet with notes of skunky citr..

more_vertWedding Cake S1 Feminised Seeds
Wedding Cake S1 Feminised Seedsclose

Wedding Cake S1 cannabis seeds is from our selected cannabis cup-winning pheno, it is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. _x000D_ Solid buds of sweet earthy dankness, bushy plant with medium stretch in flower, respectable yields in 9 weeks flower...