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Moxie Seeds & Extracts are an award winning Los Angeles-based company that focus on has a wide variety of genetics developed specifically for essential oil extraction.

Moxie Seeds is the first seedbank in the world that is breeding for the purpose of extraction. Their strains are tested and true - made for those that are looking for large yields, highly resinous material for extraction, and 8-9 week flowering times. Specializing in both THC dominant and CBD dominant strains, all Moxie Seeds are hand-selected from gardens around the world to be viable strains for extraction based on flavor, potency, and clarity.

more_vertAlpine OG Feminised Seeds - 6
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Alpine OG Feminised Seeds - 6close

Alpine O.G. combines the legendary Tahoe O.G. with MOXIE's staple O.G., the Viper City. This strain is vigorous and pest-resistant. You can easily expect big yields with minimal maintenance. Normally finishes in 60-65 days, but some phenos will be done in 55. Resin content is typically above avera..

more_vertBlue Diamond Philips Regular Seeds - 12
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Blue Diamond Philips Regular Seeds - 12close

Blue Diamond Phillips, named after one of Moxie's favorite wild west actors, combines the strength and size of Blue Diamond and the flavor and potency of Goji O.G. Suited for experienced growers, this diamond in the rough produces large amounts of resin and makes wonderful hash. Medium yields are to..

more_vertFruit Snacks Regular Seeds - 12
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Fruit Snacks Regular Seeds - 12close

Combining the fruity aroma of Marionberry Kush from TGA genetics, and the unique sweet O.G. of Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds creates the stalky fruity blessing known as Fruit Snacks. Smaller in size with a more kush-like structure, this indica dominant cross with fill a garden with a healthy and sweet ..

more_vertGoji Cake Regular Seeds - 12
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Goji Cake Regular Seeds - 12close

Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds has won too many awards to count. This perfect blend of Indica effect with tropical fruit flavors makes for one of the Moxie crew's all time favorite flavors. The Jesus O.G. from TGA has a similar make-up of flavor and effect. The combination of the two is a slightly ha..

more_vertGoji D.C. Regular Seeds - 12
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Goji D.C. Regular Seeds - 12close

Goji DC is a CBD balanced strain that took 1st Place at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in the San Francisco in 2015 for CBD concentrate. The perfect blend of sedative effects combined with the anti-inflammatory relief of the CBD creates a true winner. Never sacrificing flavor for efficacy, th..

more_vertGoji Golden Cobra Regular Seeds - 12
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Goji Golden Cobra Regular Seeds - 12close

This is citrus fuel of a strain combines the Golden Cobra from Moxie and the Goji O.G. from Bodhi Seeds. By adding the resin production of Goji to the monstrous buds of the Golden Cobra, Moxie has created a production-level strain with connoisseur flavor. Both strains independently have become som..

more_vertGolden Cobra Feminised Seeds - 6
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Golden Cobra Feminised Seeds - 6close

This Limited Release Strain combines Moxie's Gape Kush with the world's most decorated strain to date: Tangie from DNA Genetics. There are two main phenotypes in this cross: the overwhelming tangie dominant pheno with sweet-citrus deliciousness abound, as well as the hybrid leaning pheno with a mor..

more_vertGrape Kush Feminised Seeds - 6
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Grape Kush Feminised Seeds - 6close

Over the years, this legendary Kush strain has tended to lean away from the sweet and hinge more on its kushie roots. Finishing purple with bright orange hairs, it can yield over 2lbs a light when grown correctly. The strength and pest resistance have made this strain a staple for MOXIE especially ..

more_vertGrape Valley Kush (formerly Merlot OG) Feminised Seeds - 6
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Grape Valley Kush (formerly Merlot OG) Feminised Seeds - 6close

Grape Valley Kush was made with love and is a hybrid of San Fernando Valley OG made popular by The Cali Connection, mixed with Grape Kush. It has a long and prestigious lineage which includes Lemon Thai, Hindu Kush, Afghani #1, West Coast Dawg & Old World Kush to name a few._x000D_ _x000D_ While th..

more_vertLemon Cake Feminised Seeds - 6
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Lemon Cake Feminised Seeds - 6close

Moxie's Lemon OG has been fit with with the infamous TGA Genetics strain Jesus O.G. The result is Sativa Dominant Hybrid which combines the best of each to create a heavy yielding strain with massive amounts of terpenes. The Jesus O.G. contribute the terpinolene heavy haze flavors with a real punch ..

more_vertLemon Goji O.G. Regular Seeds - 12
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Lemon Goji O.G. Regular Seeds - 12close

Goji is one of the most rewarding strains a grower can have, but it can also be one of the most difficult. It has a tendency to be a picky feeder, grow stringy, and be susceptible to microbial problems like powdery mildew. By crossing Lemon O.G. into its genome, Moxie Seeds have been able to make ..

more_vertLemon O.G. Feminised Seeds - 6
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Lemon O.G. Feminised Seeds - 6close

Lemon O.G is a must have of every true connoisseur. This Indica Dominant heavy yielder has a firm nature and a few of Cannabis Cup awards on its account. This hybrid produces thick resin filled with pungent and earthy aroma almost like a coffee. This fast flowering strain produces very strong smoke ..

more_vertLemonade Haze Feminised Seeds - 6
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Lemonade Haze Feminised Seeds - 6close

Super Lemon Haze is possibly one of the most known cannabis plants on the planet. Its won countless awards, been crossed into numerous other breeds and after many years still remains at the top of the list of the world’s best strains. Moxie has taken that terpene profile and added it to the robu..

more_vertLucky Number Sleven Feminised Seeds - 6
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Lucky Number Sleven Feminised Seeds - 6close

Lucky Number Sleven is a commercial growers dream. It produces short and wide plants that are easy to maintain with minimal effort. The buds get more dense and hard than anything else in the Moxie line-up. The deep purple that can appear almost black across this plant serves as the perfect contra..

more_vertSnake Venom Feminised Seeds - 6
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Snake Venom Feminised Seeds - 6close

As of late; and in no time at all, Gorilla Glue has asserted itself as a staple on every serious cannabis enthusiast’s radar. With a very unique combination of creamy sweetness and fuely Kush flavours, it truly lives up to the hype. By combining the Glue with Moxie Seeds in-house staple Viper Ci..

more_vertSuper Goji Haze Regular Seeds - 12
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Super Goji Haze Regular Seeds - 12close

Super Goji Haze started as a mix used for extracts by combining the strains Super Lemon Haze and Goji O.G. The flavor that ensues is nothing short of a perfect blend of complex potency and flavor. The cross of the two genomes does the same thing. The Lemon Haze flavors mixed with the citrus and t..

more_vertTurquoise Jeep Regular Seeds - 12
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Turquoise Jeep Regular Seeds - 12close

Turquoise Jeep named after its almost turquoise hue, is a combination of DJ Short's Blueberry and Goji O.G. Bred for its amazing flavor, the combination of flavor profiles is nothing short of magical. Producing larger, dense buds Turquoise Jeep is perfect for any garden. From beginner to expert grow..

more_vertV.C.D.C Feminised Seeds - 6
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V.C.D.C Feminised Seeds - 6close

Winner of the 2015 High Times Southern California Cannabis Cup, VCDC combines the legendary ACDC strain with Moxie Seeds in-house breeding staple; Viper City O.G. by combining these two strains they have made the first-ever easy-to-grow, feminized CBD gene pool available to the public. Phenotypes c..