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Mosca Seeds

Mosca Negra (known simply as “MOSCA”) is the breeder behind MoscaSeeds and is known for producing only High Quality Marijuana Seeds from Indica and Skunk strains that originated from only the finest American cannabis genetics.

Mosca is particularly known for Preserving and Protecting strains such as Cinderella 99 and Old Time Moonshine for all growers to enjoy. Some of Mosca’s strains include Raspberry Boogie, Moonshine Cookies, Legend OGK, Double Zero, and others.

The MoscaSeeds Team have been producing the Highest Quality Strains for over 10 years and have been awarded Multiple Cannabis Cups in Europe. During this time, Mosca Seeds has earned the respect of Pot Enthusiasts from around the world. Grower reviews Worldwide have praised the Excellent quality of MoscaSeeds Strain Genetics. Mosca Seeds– Always Fly with Quality!

more_vertBlotto OGK Feminised Seeds - 5
Blotto OGK Feminised Seeds - 5close

Can you say East Coast Sour Diesel? Mosca Seeds have taken the high sought after ECSD and hit her with the Famous CrinkleLegend. She will be the Stanky and Rank as one of your favorite plants in the garden! Blotto OGK will produce super tight hard buds that will drive you Blotto!!_x000D_..

more_vertBlue Fin - 10 Regular Seeds
Blue Fin - 10 Regular Seedsclose

Mosca has taken the famous Old Time Moonshine (OTM) from DJ Short and crossed her with his well proven Cinderella 99 male.  The OTM is an extremely high producing hash strain with wonderfully complex raw resin, Blueberry aromas.   Mosca Seeds combined Cinderella 99 in this cultivar in..

more_vertBlue Iguana - 10 Regular Seeds
Blue Iguana - 10 Regular Seedsclose

Blue Iguana is the mating of Mosca Seeds Multi-Cup Winning Double Dutch lady and our Sativa leaning Old Time Moonshine father. Expect a branchy medium sized plant with full Cola arms. The Main center cola will be Large similar to the size of medium sized Iguana, hence the name. This Blue Iguana gal ..

more_vertBoom Boom Regular Seeds - 10
Boom Boom Regular Seeds - 10close

This sour d really lived passed its expectations for me, one of the strongest sativas which kicks in as fast as Inhaled. This strain rates 60/40%, with a skunky sour aroma and tastes this strain amplifies emotions and thoughts I also have to add this beauty packed solid buds and maxium resin build. ..

more_vertChem #4 x OTM #1 - 10 Regular Seeds
Chem #4 x OTM #1 - 10 Regular Seedsclose

The high yielding, dank fuel smelling original Chem #4 stinks and produces extremely strong cannabis. She has very strong branches that are necessary to support her big colas.  The Chem #4 genetics are very apparent in this hybrid while in the vegetative state as it also is highly odorous. ..

more_vertCinderella 99 BX-1 - 10 Regular Seeds
Cinderella 99 BX-1 - 10 Regular Seedsclose

The C99 BX-1 is the result of recombining two distrinctly different Cinderella 99 inbred lines and then backcrossing one generation which gives rise to a consistent phenotype. It was primarily bred for indoor cultivation but great results have been reported outside. This strain produces extremely ..

more_vertDiesel Moonshine Regular Seeds - 10
Diesel Moonshine Regular Seeds - 10close

A well balanced strain that is Sour Diesel dominate. These gals are good for indoor cultivation when flowered at 12-15 inches tall. Expect strong yields of phat, greasy colas that deliver a powerful punch!..

more_vertDigital Haze Regular Seeds (Limited Edition) - 20
Digital Haze Regular Seeds (Limited Edition) - 20close

Untested Breeder's Pack of 20 seeds. Only a Limited number of packs will be released._x000D_..

more_vertDouble Zero OGK Feminised Seeds - 5
Double Zero OGK Feminised Seeds - 5close

Only the finest plant will produce the finest Hash-- hence the name Double Zero OGK. This fine Lady has the finest Pedigree and she delivers. Experience Royality for yourself! _x000D_..

more_vertFirefly - 10 Regular Seeds
Firefly - 10 Regular Seedsclose

FireFly is the result of combining Mosca Seeds Highlife Cup Award Winning female Double Dutch female with their proven Cinderella 99 male. High Quality, heavy yields of heavenly scented cannabis that is personal stash or for sharing with close friends only! Indica pheno dominates with short bushie..

more_vertGirl Scout Cookies Twister Regular Seeds (Limited Edition) - 20
Girl Scout Cookies Twister Regular Seeds (Limited Edition) - 20close

Untested Breeder's Pack of 20 seeds. Only a Limited number of packs will be released._x000D_..

more_vertHelio OGK Feminised Seeds - 5
Helio OGK Feminised Seeds - 5close

If you want a Straight up RANK strain to upstage your friends, then Helio is for you! The Frosted Kosher OG mum and Legend OGK RVSD will NOT disappoint! She will take you higher than a helicopter- hence the name Helio._x000D_..

more_vertLegend OGK Feminised Seeds - 5
Legend OGK Feminised Seeds - 5close

The Famous Legend OGK in feminised seed form is here! The Legend OGK or CrinkleLegend is one of the building blocks of today's modern OG's. She brings it all to the table - strong, OG aroma, and high yields! Experience a Legend for yourself!_x000D_..

more_vertMach Fly - 10 Regular Seeds
Mach Fly - 10 Regular Seedsclose

Mach Fly is the result of combining a Warlock female with Mosca's proven C99 male. The offspring are fast growing and vigorous once established. The Mach Fly produces a few phenotypes with one oriented towards skunk with solid colas and tight buds. The Mach Fly is a strain that produces a cerebr..

more_vertMoonshine Cookies Regular Seeds - 10
Moonshine Cookies Regular Seeds - 10close

Can you smell the cookie dough in here? The tasty aroma of cookie dough is unmistakable with this cross. The flowers stack large with few leaves. The leaves that are present are coated with resin rails and even the fan leaves have resin rails for days! This gal has had smashing reviews during th..

more_vertMountain Dew Baja Blast Regular Seeds - 10
Mountain Dew Baja Blast Regular Seeds - 10close

We have waited five years before finally finding a male worthy enough to breed this special Kush lady with. The inhale on this special gal is piney with an almost carbonated citrus taste. One of our heaviest yielders that will keep you reach for more!_x000D_..

more_vertOld Time Bubba Kush - 10 Regular Seeds
Old Time Bubba Kush - 10 Regular Seedsclose

The Pre-98 Bubba Kush has a fantastic old school taste and is large-yielding with fat pine cone shaped buds.  One of the easiest of the clone only strains to grow, the OTM male adds a wonderful musky fruity aroma and taste along with hard tight buds.  This strain will stretch madly unless ..

more_vertOld Time Indiana Bubble Gum
Old Time Indiana Bubble Gumclose

Mosca Seeds have taken the famous Indiana Bubble Gum female clone and crossed her with the Sativa dominant Old Time Moonshine male.  This elegant combination of superior genetics produces offspring of short, branchy plants that smell like Blueberry bubble gum.  The punch these hard colas p..