Medical Seeds

Medical Seeds

Founded in 2006, Medical Seeds is a small breeder collective based in Barcelona, Spain. Since their humble begins, they have always maintained their mission to improve existing genetics in order to create high-quality seeds. Unlike other seedbanks, Medical Seeds has a very limited production to ensure the quality of their products.

They also have a unique system of working which has held them in good stead for a decade of cultivation. They work with all of their varieties separately in order to fully understand them through every single stage of the cultivation process including. Working this way enables Resin Seeds to know how each variety reacts to pests, fertilizing, flowering periods, indoor and/or outdoor harvests, capacity to withstand cold conditions and fungus.

Through their meticulous production and strict quality control, Medical Seeds guarantee that their products are of the highest quality before launching them to the market. When Medical Seeds combine and cross varieties, they do it with special care to constantly improve and better their genetics. They achieve this throughout an extensive and thorough testing phase that rivals even the most established breeders. Medical Seeds are so thorough in their work.

They ensure that yield, taste and cannabinoid quantities are of the highest quality. Medical Seeds are also proud to provide competitive prices to the market. While they may have medical seeds of the utmost quality, they do not want to price out those in desperate need of help. The seedbank also provides a thorough customer service and will help with any problem they can, whether it be a cultivation issue, an order issue, or simply a general enquiry. 

more_vert2046 Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
2046 Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds 2046 was selected for its incredible psychedelic power and its indisputable haze aroma. It is 100% pure haze. 2046 is the variety of Medical Seeds most powerful bank. Patience is needed to grow this lady, but reward comes after 120 days. Indoor production is 500gr. per m2 . It has ..

more_vertBluehell Auto Feminised Seeds
20.00€More detailed
Bluehell Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Recovered from our genetic reserve, we present our Bluehell variety in its new autoflowering version. Bluehell Auto is a cross between our private selection of DJ Short’s original Blueberry and Auto Medical Ruderalis. Because it's an easy plant to grow its perfect for beginners, offseason growing..

more_vertBluehell Feminised Seeds
38.00€More detailed
Bluehell Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Marijuana Seeds Bluehell was created from original DJ Short Blueberry seeds, selected for their production and flavour, with aromas of forest fruits (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc.). One of the best rates available. High concentrations of CBD, and moderate percentage of THC. Ideal ..

more_vertCanadian Kush Feminised Seeds
23.00€More detailed
Canadian Kush Feminised Seedsclose

This plant is a cross between Purple Kush from California by a Special K from Canada. Particularly versatile plant that gives really good results both indoors and outdoors. It is suitable to grow in spaces with limited height. Its leaves are short and wide with a classic Indica pattern and usually t..

more_vertChannel + Feminised Seeds
24.00€More detailed
Channel + Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds Channel + boasts an enormous aroma and amazing bouquet, perfect for SCROG cultivation. Medical Seeds Channel + grows like a Sativa, thin and without many leaves. When flowering it grows taller but keeps a compact shape, as an Indica. Very fast (45 to 50 days), and suitable for all kind..

more_vertCollection 1 Feminised Seeds
50.00€More detailed
Collection 1 Feminised Seedsclose

This collection consists of the following seeds:_x000D_ _x000D_ 2 Seeds of PROZACK, _x000D_ 2 Seeds of SOUR DIESEL, _x000D_ 2 Seeds of CHANNEL +..

more_vertCollection 2 Feminised Seeds
60.00€More detailed
Collection 2 Feminised Seedsclose

This collection consists of the following strains:_x000D_ _x000D_ 2 Seeds of 1024, _x000D_ 2 Seeds of 2046, _x000D_ 2 Seeds of Jack La Mota..

more_vertCollection 4 Feminised Seeds
50.00€More detailed
Collection 4 Feminised Seedsclose

This collection consists of the following strains:_x000D_ _x000D_ 2 Seeds of No Name, _x000D_ 2 Seeds of Malakoff, _x000D_ 2 Seeds of Devil Fruit..

more_vertDeep Neville Regular Seeds
50.00€More detailed
Deep Neville Regular Seedsclose

After much value it and seeing the professionalization of the sector have decided to return to the roots and get a regular strain. The famous Nevill's Haze 90s crossed with a parent Deep Chunk from a private selection of a cultivator who appreciate his desire to share the Deep Nevill born. Plant bri..

more_vertDevil Fruit Feminised Seeds
21.00€More detailed
Devil Fruit Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds Devil Fruit Feminised is an 70% indica, 30% sativa plant due it's heritage of Shiskaberry x Great White Shark. Devil Fruit does not grow tall in places with slight light. It's impact derives from it's Indica part, beginning with a light brain touch which carries you to a pleasant stat..

more_vertJack La Mota Feminised Seeds
29.00€More detailed
Jack La Mota Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds Jack la Mota is possibly the most famous variety in the international cannabis scene. Jack La Mota is 25% Indica and 75% sativa. It was created in honor of the pro-known activist Jack Herer. Ideal for growing in SCROG Jack La Mota produces many buds and compact with an intense aroma..

more_vertMalakoff Feminised Seeds
26.00€More detailed
Malakoff Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds Malakoff Feminised is a new exciting variety that cannot be overlooked because of it's short flowering. Malakoff is not suitable for novice growers because if you get a bit distracted, or the plant is stressed at the beginning of flowering, it tends to spin out it's vigorous growth a..

more_vertMendocino Purple Kush Feminised Seeds
26.00€More detailed
Mendocino Purple Kush Feminised Seedsclose

This plant is a cross between 2 mythic strains brought from Canada as the Mendocino Purple, known as well as ¨Mendocino Purps¨ or ¨Purps¨, originally from Mendocino, a county from Humboldt (California) and the Purple Kush, very famous, not only for its high narcotic effect but as well for the pu..

more_vertNo Name Auto Feminised Seeds
20.00€More detailed
No Name Auto Feminised Seedsclose

From one of our seedbank’s top varieties when it comes to plant structure, flavour and aroma, we present No Name Auto, our own autoflowering version of No Name. This medium-sized plant with tight, compact, super aromatic and resin filled buds will give autoflowering plants a new meaning. No Name..

more_vertNo Name Feminised Seeds
24.00€More detailed
No Name Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds No Name Feminised has a Sativa structure but, actually it is not a long-flowering plant. Thanks to it's cross with a very old Sensi Star, Medical Seeds managed to have a flowering period of 55-60 days. It has inherited the characteristic flavour of the “Cheese” with a distinctive s..

more_vertOG Kush CBD Feminised Seeds
21.00€More detailed
OG Kush CBD Feminised Seedsclose

After years of work we managed to find a medicinal plant combining the known therapeutic effect of OG Kush with high levels of CBD that can double the THC (ratio 1: 2) in some phenotypes. Thus you can be given much higher doses without the psychoactive effects becoming too powerful allowing normal f..

more_vertOver Dawg Feminised Seeds
24.00€More detailed
Over Dawg Feminised Seedsclose

Over Dawg is the result of crossing two famous U.S. strains, viz. OG Kush and Sour Diesel, resulting in a plant with a structure of dense branching with strong and sturdy stems that easily bear the weight of the buds._x000D_ Indoors it is not recommended to grow more than 16 plants per m2 because it..

more_vertProzack Feminised Seeds
26.00€More detailed
Prozack Feminised Seedsclose

Medical Seeds Prozack is a bushy plant rather compact and not too high. Its genetic diversity comes from a very famous Dutch winning several cups. Indoor growing period for Prozack cannbis seeds is 3-4 weeks and its flowering period is 65-75 days. It's THC is between 15%-18%. It has an unmistak..