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Mandala Seeds was founded in January, 2004 by Mike & Jasmin. Our personal history is a mixture of adventure, travel, and a keen interest in studying, cultivating, and preserving cannabis and other shamanic healing plants. We have pioneered several unique breeding and seed production methods whose benefits are valued by growers world wide. Our seed bank is co-supervised by Jasmin, a biologist with work experience in the fields of horticulture and agriculture. Both of us not only share our extensive professional experience through creating and distributing the Mandala Seeds genetics, but we also regularly contribute articles on growing and cannabis botany in international publications and our website to promote greater awareness about ecological and effective cultivation methods.

more_vert8 Miles High Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
8 Miles High Regular Seeds - 10close

This is a fragrant, uplifting sativa that delivers quality harvests indoor & outdoor. Special attention was devoted to making this variety a low-maintenance plant that finishes by mid-October in northern climates. Flowering sets in quickly with most plants sexing within one week of switching to 12/1..

more_vertBeyond the Brain (Limited edition) Regular Seeds - 10
45.00€More detailed
Beyond the Brain (Limited edition) Regular Seeds - 10close

Beyond the Brain is the definitive connoisseur high for the discerning cultivator. If you have tasted your share of sativas and are searching for the purity that only exceptional genetics can offer then you will appreciate this strain. Let Beyond the Brain open your doors of perception to new realms..

more_vertCalifornia Dream Feminised Seeds
18.00€More detailed
California Dream Feminised Seedsclose

California Dream starts flowering soon after 12/12 and continues progressively at a regular pace. The plants are very similar in appearance and height, which means you can rely on steady results when growing from seeds. The attractive buds have a typical conical shape with towers of resiny calyxes. ..

more_vertChill-OM Regular Seeds - 10
30.00€More detailed
Chill-OM Regular Seeds - 10close

Chill-OM is also a good beginner strain, delivering a satisfying yield with just basic plant care. It has all the benefits of hybrid vigour, nutrient efficiency, and the versatility of growing well under many different cultivation methods. Best results can be expected under a good light source becau..

more_vertFar Out Feminised Seeds
18.00€More detailed
Far Out Feminised Seedsclose

Far Out is a quality Columbian Haze-Blueberry hybrid that has all the classic trademarks of a refined sativa. Mandala Seeds recommend this strain to sativa lovers with some cultivation experience. As a long flowering variety with a more delicate structure, it requires gardening know-how to avoid com..

more_vertFruitylicious Feminised Seeds
18.00€More detailed
Fruitylicious Feminised Seedsclose

Fruitylicious has inherited the frosty tight buds and the succulent savour of berry from a specially selected mother called Very Berry Hashberry. The fruity aroma is complemented by a touch of hazelnut or soft pine during flowering. But when you open a bag or glass of cured buds, the aroma that flow..

more_vertGanesh Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
Ganesh Regular Seeds - 10close

For Mandala Seeds 5th anniversary they recreated their exotic, high-class indica-sativa hybrid “Yamuna” from the “Limited Collector’s Edition”, which was issued in their first year, and crossed it with their best Afghan parent from seed stock collected in the 1980’s. The result is an imp..

more_vertHashberry Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
Hashberry Regular Seeds - 10close

Hashberry needs little introduction. It created quite a stir in the cannabis community, was soon chosen as a High Times 'Top 10' strain by popular choice, and is still going strong. With this exceptional strain Mandala Seeds offer growers an indica that combines the best of many traits. Hashberry is..

more_vertHubble Bubble Feminised Seeds
15.00€More detailed
Hubble Bubble Feminised Seedsclose

Hubble Bubble is a very homogenous plant and perfect if you just want to grow from seeds. Her size remains short with little stretch which makes this an ideal strain for growing in small spaces, on a balcony, or for discreet outdoor plantations. She typically reaches between 80-90 cm, which is well ..

more_vertKalichakra Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
Kalichakra Regular Seeds - 10close

Kalichakra is named after the Indian goddess Kali (a consort of the ganja smoking Lord Shiva) and combines unique landrace genetics from South India and the Golden Triangle. Unlike typical sativas she grows extremely well indoor and has been known to perform satisfactorily even under low light. She ..

more_vertKrystalica Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
Krystalica Regular Seeds - 10close

Welcome to the new edition of Krystalica. Mandala Seeds used an almost identical "sister" of the previous mother plant for breeding. This has resulted in the appearance of a delicious strawberry aroma in some of the plants, which enhances the already fruity properties of Krystalica!_x000D_ _x000D_ E..

more_vertMandala #1 Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
Mandala #1 Regular Seeds - 10close

Mandala #1 is a good choice if you are aiming for a quick crop with a sativa effect. Mandala Seeds recommend this strain especially for northern climates where harvesting by the end of September is a priority. This strain has two basic phenotypes (characteristic plant types). Most of the plants belo..

more_vertPoint of No Return Regular Seeds - 10
35.00€More detailed
Point of No Return Regular Seeds - 10close

This exceptional medical strain should not be missing in any garden if you are looking for a one-hit wonder with a good yield and delicious aroma. Point of No Return (P.N.R.) delivers a beautiful crop of thick cone-shaped buds crowned by towers of resiny calyxes. The long head bud tapers at the end ..

more_vertPurple Paro Valley Feminised Seeds
20.00€More detailed
Purple Paro Valley Feminised Seedsclose

Purple Paro Valley was developed from a landrace Sativa that originates from the Paro Valley in West Bhutan at an altitude of 2.500 meters. The feminised hybrid is only two generations removed from the wild habitat. In this region the landrace has adapted to the harsh Himalayan climate of extended d..

more_vertRishi Kush Regular Seeds - 10
315.00€More detailed
Rishi Kush Regular Seeds - 10close

Rishi Kush is a low-maintenance hybrid for beginners and experienced growers alike. This versatile strain can be adapted to numerous cultivation styles. Her generous resin production is matched by a wonderful easy-going high with 14-17,5% THC. _x000D_ _x000D_ The plants are generally covered in a cr..

more_vertSafari Mix Regular Seeds - 20
20.00€More detailed
Safari Mix Regular Seeds - 20close

The Safari Mix contains a mix of seeds from various experimental crosses in Mandala Seeds breeder lab. The strains are equally well suited for outdoor (balcony, greenhouse, up to 43° latitude in the ground; further north the harvest time can shift to middle/end of October). The germination rate of ..

more_vertSatori Regular Seeds - 10
45.00€More detailed
Satori Regular Seeds - 10close

This famous Mandala strain is a reliable and powerful cross that will delight your connoisseur heart. Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has shown impressive hardiness against spider mites and other pests, and she posseses a good measure of mold resistance. Her slim appearance makes..

more_vertWhite Bhutanese Feminised Seeds
25.00€More detailed
White Bhutanese Feminised Seedsclose

For the first time Bhutanese landrace genetics from this mysterious and remote Himalayan country can be savoured and explored! White Bhutanese originates from mother plants cultivated from first-rate wild seed stock. The mother plants are completely authentic and unmodified since the time when these..