Lineage Genetics

Lineage Genetics

The geniuses at the Lineage Genetics Seed Bank specialises in selective breeding programmes from the world's most famous cannabis strains - focusing on preserving and improving genetics, to the best of our expert knowledge, using original and landrace strains, inputted by many renowned breeders.

more_vertAmnesia Auto Feminised Seeds
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Amnesia Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Amnesia Auto; after Haze genetics arrived in Holland they were crossed among themselves resulting in several hybrids. An American expat blended one of these hybrids with a male derived from seeds of an old school Haze to create Amnesia Haze. By crossing and re-crossing up to nine generations he came..

more_vertBlack Alpha Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Black Alpha Feminised Seedsclose

Black Alpha is a cross of Black Domina X Critical giving you a superb Indica-dominant strain. She produces very high yields with super dense buds in such a short time of 55 days. Black Alpha gives a very fruity fragrance, the smoke is smooth, tastes slightly of orange with a sweet and spicy after ta..

more_vertBlack Devil's OG Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Black Devil's OG Feminised Seedsclose

Black Devils OG is a sweet candy tasting Indica dominant hybrid, this beautiful looking strain is a cross of our Black Zombie and OG Kush and took OG Kush to another level. Even though this strain flowering period is 8 – 9 weeks it is sure worth the wait, as it produces great and fantastic look bu..

more_vertBlack Zombie Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
Black Zombie Feminised Seedsclose

Black Zombie is a mind blowing cross between Zombie Virus and Black Domina. Not only does she produce amazing yields in a fast flowering time, Her buds are exceptionally heavy and dense full of black/purple and orange colours. This strain covered in trichomes gives her a great shimmering look with a..

more_vertBlackBerry Auto Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
BlackBerry Auto Feminised Seedsclose

BlackBerry Auto has a mix of flavours from spicy, sweet, fruity and wild berries with a butter undertone. This strain produces a large central cola which gives a beautiful sweet berry aroma and readily develops lilac and reddish coloured buds with a high production of resin. Best not to topped, from..

more_vertBlue Fire Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
Blue Fire Feminised Seedsclose

Blue Fire is an exceptional strain which produces a blueberry/skunk flavour and an uplifting powerful high. The aroma is very strongly of original Blueberry and Cheese. For outstanding production of flowers we recommend to support first. Any cannabis connoisseur will not be disappointed by this choi..

more_vertC99 Regular Seeds
45.00€More detailed
C99 Regular Seedsclose

Cinderella 99 is a great hybrid for indoor cultivation, This sativa dominant plant produces dense buds with a high flower to leaf ratio with extreme amounts of resin. Cinderella 99 gives off amazing tropical fruit aromas and is very fast flowering for a sativa dominant plant. In just over 50 days yo..

more_vertCandy Glue Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
Candy Glue Feminised Seedsclose

Candy Glue Feminised was created from a cross between an S1 pheno of Gorilla Glue #4 x Zkittlez from Green Fire Genetics with our own Girl Scout Cookies. This is a truly amazing strain that is fast flowering (56 - 60 Days) and gives a high terpene and trichome production which is ideal for all those..

more_vertCandy Glue Regular Seeds
60.00€More detailed
Candy Glue Regular Seedsclose

Candy Glue is a cross between S1 pheno of Gorilla Glue #4 X Zkittlez from Green Fire Genetics and our own Girl Scout Cookies. This is a truly amazing strain that is fast flowering (56 - 60 Days) and gives a high terpene and trichome production which is ideal for all those extract fanatics. Candy Glu..

more_vertCaramel Creme Auto Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Caramel Creme Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Caramel Creme Auto aka Cream Caramel is the result of crossing Deimos with Cream Caramel Auto, two of the best and most well-known automatics on the market. Caramel Creme Auto is a 3rd generation automatic that offers better quality, higher yields and a superior resin than previous generations. It f..

more_vertDark Chocolate Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Dark Chocolate Feminised Seedsclose

Dark Chocolate is a cross of Black Domina and Chocolope which any chocolate-strain lovers will love as it has the sweet fruity blend from the Black Domina and the great taste of Chocolope combined. This Indica-dominant hybrid produces above average yields with beautiful buds covered in trichomes whi..

more_vertDeluxe Orange Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
Deluxe Orange Feminised Seedsclose

Deluxe Orange - another fantastic Orange strain on the market which outdoes any other Orange strain especially for taste and yield, originally created by Sonic, which we have had the pleasure to work with by selecting a quality stable pheno with all the attributes that any grower will be satisfied w..

more_vertDeluxe Orange Regular Seeds
45.00€More detailed
Deluxe Orange Regular Seedsclose

Deluxe Orange is another fantastic Orange strain on the market, originally created by Sonic. She produces wonderful smells of oranges and fresh cut citrus fruit which will entice you immediately. She quickly produces extremely large resinous buds. This strain contains pigments that have the ability ..

more_vertDevil's Mango Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Devil's Mango Feminised Seedsclose

Devils Mango is a Indica-dominant strain which was created by using our famous Black Zombie crossed with Somango which is a great hit with flavour chasers. After putting these two fire strains together it’s end result was one that will suit any grower, this strain grows to a medium height, very e..

more_vertDreamy Widow Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Dreamy Widow Feminised Seedsclose

Dreamy widow is a cross of blue dream and blue widow which is indica dominant that grow taller than most indica strains, which produces very large cola buds which have a strong sweet aroma with a hint of citrus and pine. Dreamy widow provides a heavy body high and great relaxation, in higher doses i..

more_vertGirl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Girl Scout Cookies Auto Feminised Seedsclose

After having a remarkable reviews to our Girl Scout Cookies we now bring you the auto version. Our Girl Scout Cookies was originally created by crossing a selected pheno of Girl Scout Cookies and Girl Scout Platinum, which now is back crossed with Ruderalis to give you our successful auto version wh..

more_vertGirl Scout Cookies Feminised Seeds
30.00€More detailed
Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Seedsclose

Our Girl Scout Cookies is a selected pheno from back-crossing the original Girl Scout Cookies cut with Girl Scout Cookies Platinum giving you this remarkable strain. This sativa dominant strain produces great yields with buds that are chunky and dense, with a very high resin content, the buds expres..

more_vertGrapefruit Auto Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Grapefruit Auto Feminised Seedsclose

Grapefruit Auto is a remarkable auto flower version of our feminised Grapefruit strain, which we have managed to keep all the same traits with its sweet but rich Grapefruit flavor. The buds have a high resin content that produces a beautiful citrus aroma and gives the patient a full energetic high w..