KC Brains

KC Brains

With more than 35 years of Cannabis cultivation experience, K.C. Brains Seeds produces the highest quality Feminised and Regular seeds. With various Cannabis Cups & Awards under his belt and world famous varieties K.C. Brains has been an undeniable player in the development of Cannabis genetics in the Netherlands and beyond.

K.C. has been traveling around the world since 1979. Making friends, exchanging seeds & knowledge. Combining the experience of those new friends with that of his old friends from the 60’s in Holland. KCWith great strains like Northern Light Special, K.C. 36 and Mango K.C. Brains seed bank offers exceptional value for sharp priced seeds.

The various strain reviews in magazine’s and online show the dedicated and highly satisfied “K.C.” customers. One of the most popular topics being our seed named Cristal Paradise. Other well known seeds include K.C. Brains Spontanica, and Leda Uno, the latter being the Highlife Cup Winner of 1998 among other Cannabis awards.

K.C. is extremely particular about his strains and rigorously tests each strain for its germination, potency, and viability on a regular basis. Whilst K.C. Brains Seeds as a brand is not pretentious or brags, it has proven to be extremely reliable and consistent source for the Cannabis lover. All of the strains are guaranteed the same level of quality as your coffeeshop favourites. K.C. Brains is not known for messing about with random genetics and ending up with a less than satisfying end product.

more_vertAfghani Special Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Afghani Special Feminised Seedsclose

It's a mostly indica stable hybrid of so popular Afghani and a new Double Afghani cannabis. Despite of her enormous size when grown outdoors (some cannabis growers cultivated plants as tall as 3 m), Afghani Special is a considerably loved strain. _x000D_ _x000D_ She produces strong sturdy plants wit..

more_vertBahia Black Head Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Bahia Black Head Feminised Seedsclose

KC Brains Bahia Blackhead is a mostly sativa hybrid bred by KC Brains seed selectors. They crossed a pure Brasil and two KC 606 males and got a marijuana variety with the exquisite qualities of the Brazilian Sativa but with an earlier KC strains finishing time to allow outdoor cultivation in tempera..

more_vertBrains Choice Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Brains Choice Feminised Seedsclose

She is a sativa dominated cross of a Lambsbread Jamaica 94, Ledo Uno 96 and White Widow from Ingemar 96 which was specially designed to satisfy cannabis growers' tastes. Brains Choice is said to be an easy growing marijuana strain. Her cannabis seeds took over the best characteristics from her consi..

more_vertBrains Damage Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Brains Damage Feminised Seedsclose

She is a stable hybrid of an Acapulco, Hawai 93, Mango2001 and KC 36. More production for every square meter is one of the characteristics of this strain. KC Brains seed selectors combined the best qualities of those sativas, indicas and hybrids and developed a new sativa dominated cannabis variety ..

more_vertBrains Escape Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Brains Escape Feminised Seedsclose

No surprise that possessing the best qualities of such popular ancestors, Brains Escape is said to be one of the strongest strains in the modern marijuana world. Her cannabis seeds are very resistant to pests, mushroom and diseases. They produce short bushy plants with wide fat leaves typical for in..

more_vertBrasil Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Brasil Feminised Seedsclose

KC Brains Brazil x K.C. is a stable sativa cross of Mango Vermelho from Paranaiba, Brazil and K.C. 606. Her cannabis seeds were designed specifically for indoor cultivation - this cannabis strain doesn't grow higher than 90 cm, giving you a typical sativa look - dark green narrow leaves growing arou..

more_vertCalifornia Special Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
California Special Feminised Seedsclose

KC Brains California Special is an indica dominated marijuana cross of an Original California and a Skunk, both known for their highest narcotic qualities. K.C. Brains cannabis seed breeders accommodated Original California's abilities to be an easiest to grow and, yet, to produce great yields, as w..

more_vertCristal Limit Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Cristal Limit Feminised Seedsclose

KC Brains Cristal Limit is a stable indica/sativa hybrid of two potential marijuana strains, Cristal and K.C. 606, and one of those cannabis which has no limits. Her highest qualities have been noticed - she won the first place at the High Life Cup 2002. They grow into short bushy plant with narrow ..

more_vertCristal Paradise Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Cristal Paradise Feminised Seedsclose

It's a stable cross of two very popular cannabis strains Californian Big Bud Skunk and Brazil. She took over the best qualities her famous parents could ever offer. Cristal Paradise is a powerful marijuana variety. It took over Big Bud's incredible growing strength and her record breaking yield. Bra..

more_vertCyber Cristal Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Cyber Cristal Feminised Seedsclose

She is a mostly indica with all typical indicas qualities. Seeds of this marijuana produce compact indoor plants of up to 120 cm tall which can stretch up to 2.3 m. high outdoors. This thick, squat, central-cola dominant beauty situates her light green narrow leaves around a stem so well balanced th..

more_vertDanky Doddle Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Danky Doddle Feminised Seedsclose

Danky Doodle is an extremely productive sativa dominated strain. She can produce as much as 1.5 kg of high quality product per plant! Danky Doodle is a stable hybrid of a Viking 90, Big Buds 93 and a male KC 636. Being mostly sativa, she produces tall thin and sturdy plants with a typically sativa l..

more_vertHaze Special Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
Haze Special Feminised Seedsclose

Haze Special is on the top of KC Brains list. It's a stable mostly sativa cross between Nevil's Haze and KC 606. She took over the best qualities her famous parents could ever offer. A cannabis seed of Haze Special is ideal for indoor growing, but performs incredible well outside. This marijuana va..

more_vertKC 33 Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
KC 33 Feminised Seedsclose

KC Brains KC 33 is a new sativa/indica stable marijuana hybrid of Thai and Brazil. She's been designed specificly for outdoor growing, but stable genes make her seeds ideal also for indoor. Being sativa dominated, KC33 cannabis strain behaves like a typical sativa. Her cannabis seeds produce tall th..

more_vertKC 36 Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
KC 36 Feminised Seedsclose

Being sativa dominated, KC36 marijuana strain behave like a typical sativa. Her cannabis seeds produce tall thin plant with narrow light green leaves and chunky thick buds. Her average size can reach up to 1.75 m when grown outside; however, inside varieties of this marijuana will keep their height ..

more_vertKC 39 Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
KC 39 Feminised Seedsclose

KC 39 is a joint breeding project of Spanish seed selectors and KC Brains industry. They crossed the most potent Spanish seeds with KC 606 and created an easy growing stable hybrid suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Being mostly indica, her seeds produce dark green plants which can go bush..

more_vertKC 42 Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
KC 42 Feminised Seedsclose

KC 42 is a new sativa/indica stable marijuana hybrid of a New Zealand and KC 639 males represented by K.C. Brains. Being sativa dominated, KC 42 cannabis strains behave like a typical sativa. Her seeds produce tall thin plant with narrow, light green leaves and chunky, thick buds. Her average size c..

more_vertKC 45 Feminised Seeds
27.00€More detailed
KC 45 Feminised Seedsclose

The KC 45 strain of medical marijuana is a unique hybridization between Ruderalis and Sativa strains. Specifically, Russian Ruderalis is crossed with Brazilian Sativa. Cannabis Ruderalis is a subspecies, like Indica and Sativa, that is unique to Russia. KC 45 is such a naturally strong performer tha..

more_vertKC 48 Auto Feminised Seeds - 5
27.00€More detailed
KC 48 Auto Feminised Seeds - 5close

The KC48 is a crossbreed between the Northern light special and the KC45. _x000D_ This is an autoflower breed, just plant the seed, water it, and 10 to 11 weeks later you can harvest...