At Kannabia Seeds Company, they are confident that their work is dedicated to growers. Because they care about the concerns and suggestions of growers, they have decided to launch proposals to not only enhance quality and ease of growing but also continue to facilitate optimal development of their different varieties.

more_vertAfrodite Feminised Seeds
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Afrodite Feminised Seedsclose

One of the most popular genetics among Spanish growers is Jack Herer. Its results outdoors are legendary._x000D_ _x000D_ A hybrid with sativa structure, flavour and effects, but after crossing with Black Domina, the production is improved and flowering periods are shortened to 58-62 days. The plant ..

more_vertAmnesi - K Lemon Feminised Seeds
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Amnesi - K Lemon Feminised Seedsclose

Naturally, before Kannabia talk about Amnesia, the word that comes to mind is euphoria, because what they have here is certainly a magnificent Sativa. An Amnesia x Lemon Skunk x Jack Herer cross, a trio that’s now available to the grower and the most demanding gourmet._x000D_ _x000D_ Its shape lea..

more_vertBaby Boom Auto Feminised Seeds
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Baby Boom Auto Feminised Seedsclose

This tiny powerful plant is the result of a cross between Rudelaris and Northern Light x Blueberry. The Northern side brings touches of pine, earth and old wood. but, when crossed with Blueberry, the Blue essences result in dry and sweet-and-sour aromas reminiscent of plum jam. _x000D_ _x000D_ This ..

more_vertBCN Diesel CBD Feminised Seeds
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We have been working on our new variety BCN DIESEL, which comes from the family known the world over as NEW YORK DIESEL, crossed with a variety with high CBD levels. The result is out BCN Diesel CBD genetics, with a CBD/THC ratio of 1:2. _x000D_ _x000D_ It’s a plant that reaches a considerable siz..

more_vertBig Band Feminised Seeds
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Big Band Feminised Seedsclose

This hybrid stands out in terms of both yield and flavour, now definitely one of the plus points of this variety. It tends to stretch out although it won’t grow to a great height. Outdoors the plant is unlikely to grow over 1.80 meters, but you should use a support system to prevent the large cent..

more_vertBig Bull (Kannabia Special) Feminised Seeds
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Big Bull (Kannabia Special) Feminised Seedsclose

This variety won second prize in the Indica category of the 2012 Medicinal Canada Cup and is highly valued for its medicinal and therapeutic effects._x000D_ _x000D_ This plant has noticeable indica features such as the structure and size. The combination of the Early Pearl x Skunk, an extra-fast flo..

more_vertCookies Haze Feminised Seeds
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Cookies Haze Feminised Seedsclose

Sativa plant, with thin leaves, a slender appearance, and the form of a pine tree. It’s an enthusiastic grower so put it into flowering before the rest of your plants to keep it at 90 cm or 1 metre. It has long internodal distance, with long branches. It is very easy to grow, being highly highly ..

more_vertDiesel Glue Feminised Seeds
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Diesel Glue Feminised Seedsclose

Its name says it all. This is a hybrid of the famous New York Diesel (original Chem- Draw from California) which Kannabia crossed with Black Domina to reduce the flowering period and compact the flowers in the Domina style._x000D_ _x000D_ When growing your first Diesel Glue crop, you should bear in ..

more_vertGinger Punch (Hobbit) Auto Feminised Seeds
8.50€More detailed
Ginger Punch (Hobbit) Auto Feminised Seedsclose

From Kannabia's huge collection of mothers, they have revived the Ginger Ale for the general public. This variety combined with the best of the autoflowering spirit results in a plant that is highly resistant to both plagues and fungi, extremely productive and has the sweet flavour of strawberry can..

more_vertGinger Punch (Hobbit) Auto Feminised Seeds - 3
22.00€More detailed
Ginger Punch (Hobbit) Auto Feminised Seeds - 3close

Among the great variety of commercial mothers available, Kannabia have rescued the GingerAle variety for the general public: A real legend among USA cannabis breeders due toits exact proportion between Haze and Cinderella 88. This variety combined with thebest of the autoflowering spirit results in ..

more_vertGnomo Auto Feminised Seeds
8.50€More detailed
Gnomo Auto Feminised Seedsclose

The influence of Kannabia's Mataroo Blue predominates in this cross with Rudelaris, creating a high-yield autoflowering plant bursting with flavour._x000D_ _x000D_ The plant grows to a height of 25-80 cm, although on rare occasions it may reach 1.40 metres._x000D_ _x000D_ The variety has been stabil..

more_vertGypsy Kush (Faraona) Feminised Seeds
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Gypsy Kush (Faraona) Feminised Seedsclose

Gypsy Kush is a characteristically stable variety, and if you grow a few seeds at the same time, you will see that they look like clones. One of its genetic parents is the famous Afghan, a big producer of compact flowers and abundant harvests._x000D_ _x000D_ It should be emphasized that Gypsy Kush i..

more_vertKaboom (La Reina de Africa) Feminised Seeds
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The best thing about strains like AK-47 is that they offer a short flowering for a hybrid that mixes some very Sativa-rich strains with indica reminiscences._x000D_ _x000D_ Its Indica parentage make this variety quick to ripen, even when you think that the plant is going to need several more weeks. ..

more_vertKama Kush CBD Feminised Seeds
8.50€More detailed
Kama Kush CBD Feminised Seedsclose

Working with a variety of Kush, Kannabia have crossed this with a variety rich in CBD, achieving a CBD/THC ratio of 2:1._x000D_ _x000D_ From a morphological point of view, this is a classic Indica, with solid compact buds, which may not appear thick, but will amaze you with their weight._x000D_ _x..

more_vertKarribean Mango (Karibena) Feminised Seeds
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Karribean Mango (Karibena) Feminised Seedsclose

With this Karribean Mango (Karibena) variety Kannabia offer you a cocktail of tropical aromas and flavours. In this cross they have used a Mango Skunk base, with a very defined sweetness._x000D_ _x000D_ But they wanted to propose you a variety outstanding for something else, for this reason they cro..

more_vertKickass (B.Lee ) Auto Feminised Seeds
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Kickass (B.Lee ) Auto Feminised Seedsclose

The Little Dragon has awoken!_x000D_ _x000D_ A real legend among Kannabia strains, Citrus has such powerful psychoactive and flavour characteristics that Kannabia decided to adapt them to their most productive Rudelaris version. The resulting variety combines speed, strength and growth versatility. ..

more_vertKiss (Big Northern) Feminised Seeds
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Kiss (Big Northern) Feminised Seedsclose

Big Northern (Kiss) is a much-prized variety in the English market better known to every cannabis connoisseur as Cheese. Due to the great demand and Kannabia's success on the British market, they decided to study and produce this seed in their honour. It’s a plant that adapts very well to the ..

more_vertKreamy Karamel (Karamelo) Feminised Seeds
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Kreamy Karamel (Karamelo) Feminised Seedsclose

This is one of the most indica strains Kannabia has. The goal wasn’t only to achieve fast flowering, but to make the most of the hybrid vigor of this Molotov cocktail of Indica strains such as Black Domina, Afghan and Maple Leaf Indica._x000D_ _x000D_ Karamelo displays the finest characteristics o..