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G13 Labs company has quite a stretch of history that dates back to the late 1980’s in the north of the United Kingdom. This is where the original Agent set up an underground collective, which then made its way to Amsterdam where G13 Labs formed connections with various other experienced Agents. They have since then spread worldwide and have established their own cannabis seeds strains. G13 Labs provide a wide range of different strains that would satisfy the most accurate and hard to please connoisseurs. G13 Labs strains are loved for their impressive yield, fast flowering and their unbelievable taste and aroma. The flavours are so distinctive and unique that you will not want to ignore these strains. In fact the feminized Pineapple Express strain is G13 Lab’s best ever seller so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on one of the most famous strain in the cannabis seeds market and a whole range of top quality G13 Labs cannabis seeds!

more_vertBerry Auto Feminised Seeds - 5
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Berry Auto Feminised Seeds - 5close

Blueberry strains are well known as a classic best selling variety of all time. The auto-flowering versions are better because the light cycle does not affect them. To create automatic genetics G13 Labs Seeds have used a Canadian Ruderalis race. Auto Berry will grow quickly outdoor and because of i..

more_vertBlue Cindy Feminised Seeds - 5
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Blue Cindy Feminised Seeds - 5close

Very promising strain which can easily take the place of current bestsellers. Blue Cindy from G13 Labs Seeds is a perfect combination of Sativa and Indica genes - Sativa dominant plant with Indica growth pattern. Stable, powerful, quick and extremely tasty variety. This amazing lady has some crispy ..

more_vertBlue OG Feminised Seeds - 5
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Blue OG Feminised Seeds - 5close

Created by crossing Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine and the potent Kush/Thai Indica hybrid which is real rock star in the USA. As a winner of multiple awards Blue OG is well known in Europe and overseas. The compact size of this strain makes it perfect for any location. Despite its short height its yie..

more_vertBlue Venom Feminised Seeds-5
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To create this perfect combination of indica and sativa G13 Labs Seeds used two champions – Blueberry and White Widow. Each one of them provides something special to Blue Venom that makes it such an exceptional strain. White Widow provides a strong gene that produces compact, resin-covered florets..

more_vertBlueberry Gum #2 Feminised Seeds - 5
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Blueberry Gum #2 Feminised Seeds - 5close

We are pleased to introduce the new version of one of our best-selling strain, Blueberry Gum. Blueberry Gum #2 is the new, enhanced version which grows wide with evenly spread branches. It is a superb choice for Sea of Green method as well as any other of your favourite way of growing. Blueberry Gum..

more_vertBlueberry Gum Feminised Seeds - 5
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Blueberry Gum Feminised Seeds - 5close

Blueberry Gum is an indica dominant strain which was created by crossing Hash Plant with Blueberry. It is one of the unique plants which can be cultivated in lower temperatures such as mountainous regions and still obtain satisfying harvests (1,100g/plant / 500g/ m²).This quick flowering (around 55..

more_vertC99 Feminised Seeds - 5
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C99 Feminised Seeds - 5close

This perfect blend of Jack Herer and Haze resulted in a unique exotic taste and flavour but also in a very fast flowering period. This rapidly growing lady is truly pleasurable. Its effect is good for people looking for some relaxation after a rough day. Among cannabis seeds gourmets Cinderella 99 i..

more_vertChocolate Heaven Feminised Seeds - 5
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Chocolate Heaven Feminised Seeds - 5close

Multiple winner Cannalope was crossed with an old school Afghan and the two together created this amazing sativa strain. Its aroma is strong and fruity with dark chocolate undertones. This is the one type of chocolate which won’t make you feel guilty. Its famous parents provided high yields as exp..

more_vertDiesel Auto Feminised Seeds - 5
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Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds - 5close

Hybrid of a Canadian Ruderalis and New York Diesel came from USA and it is a Chem Dawg line. Not having it in your collection is a big mistake. Its taste of lime, lemon and mandarin with hint of diesel fuel is a definitely its hallmark. The effect is not too heavy such that it will allow you to carr..

more_vertDouble Black Feminised Seeds - 5
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Double Black Feminised Seeds - 5close

The world famous, refined and appreciated cannabis strain – Black Domina from 1998 is now available in feminized version and bred by G13 Labs Seeds. Double Black, because this is how its called, has all the morphological and organoleptic characteristics that have made Black Domina ’98 famous. Th..

more_vertGigabud Auto Feminised Seeds - 5
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Gigabud Auto Feminised Seeds - 5close

Auto Gigabud is an auto-flowering hybrid with Indica dominant nature. This easy to cultivate strain produces big and compact buds fully filled with aromatic resin. The taste and smell is a combination of sweet and fruity tones with some pineapple and mandarin undertones. Due to its medium to high si..

more_vertGigabud Feminised Seeds - 5
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Gigabud Feminised Seeds - 5close

Intense green colour, massive production of big and full of resin flower heads are the results of blending Northern Lights with Big Bud. Its aroma and flavour is reminiscent of Moroccan hashish. Gigabud is a medium-sized (up to 1.5m in sufficient space) marijuana strain with Indica origins which pro..

more_vertLemon Amber Kush Feminised Seeds - 5
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Lemon Amber Kush Feminised Seeds - 5close

Lemon Amber Kush is another unique marijuana strain from G13 Labs. This is a cross of Pot of Gold (F1) and the original ‘elite’ Lemon Skunk clone from Las Vegas. The result of combining these two old skool strains produced very stable and consistent plants with very high yields. Thanks to the st..

more_vertMidnight Kush Feminised Seeds - 5
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Midnight Kush Feminised Seeds - 5close

Hybrid of a Blueberry, California Hash Plant and Northern Lights. Midnight Kush inherited exceptional resistance to mould from the Blueberry. Its short flowering time (50-55 days) makes it perfect for indoor cultivation. This indica dominant strain can reach up to 3m, but is easy to manicure which m..

more_vertMozarella Feminised Seeds - 5
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Mozarella Feminised Seeds - 5close

Crossing of UK Skunk and Afghani resulted in this indica dominant strain which will easily satisfy even the most experienced and fussy cultivators. This low maintenance hybrid gives unbelievable results, producing long, very large and sticky flower heads (1,000g/plant / 500g/ m²). G13 Labs Seeds Mo..

more_vertNL Auto Feminised Seeds - 5
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NL Auto Feminised Seeds - 5close

Potent, auto-flowering and relaxing cannabis strain created by crossing Northern Lights with Ruderalis. Heavy yielding (350-400g to 600g/ m²) marijuana plant which can grow up to 1.2m in the soil with 1,000 watt lights. Its small, broad and dark-green leaves are reminiscent of the Indica genetic li..

more_vertNorthern Lights x Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5
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Northern Lights x Skunk Feminised Seeds - 5close

Hybrid created by crossing Northern Lights and Skunk which shows indica dominant features. This is truly medicinal strain with the intense sweet taste which helps to relax. Easiness in growing made her very popular among beginners. Northern Light x Skunk has big flowers heads, few leaves and huge yi..

more_vertOG13 Feminised Seeds - 5
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OG13 Feminised Seeds - 5close

To create this Indica dominant plant G13 Labs Seeds blended Thai, Pakistan and Diesel strains. The result of this mixing is a high quality marijuana strain with a short flowering time, compact size and low maintenance needed. Very popular in the USA thanks to its resinous and powerful flowers. OG13 ..